Resources Library
A comprehensive list of helpful links, contact information, and calendar events.
Resources for grantees
Who can I ask for help?
Grant Support Squad (GSS)
This will be your main point of contact, and we encourage you to reach out to them! They provide support to the community members who receive grants, foster transparency in the grants ecosystem and take care of the DAO treasury, with the main objective of guaranteeing successful projects from the grants program.
Governance Squad
Its goal is to develop, enhance and maintain the technological infrastructure used by the DAO members to make decisions about the Decentraland project like the dApp that we use to vote all the governance proposals.
Facilitation Squad
A team that fosters a welcoming community, providing support and orientation and moderating discussions for a positive atmosphere. They optimize governance operations for transparency and efficiency and manage social media to foster strategic communication among the DAO, community, and external stakeholders.
DAO Committee
A group of three trusted individuals who have been selected by the community to hold keys in a multi-sig wallet. This multi-sig is responsible for enacting any passed votes with a binding action, like funding a Grant, banning a name, adding or removing a POI, implementing a Governance proposal or adding a Catalyst node.
Revocations Committee
A group of four trusted individuals (one is a substitute) who have been selected by the community to revoke grants that raise concerns. The team is responsible for analyzing cases received from the Grant Support Squad, acting as a third party not involved in the process of revision of concerns.
Curators Committee
Responsible for reviewing new wearable submissions ensuring they are glitch-free and compliant with the design guidelines. They also rise warnings about IP infringement and violent content.
General Support
Players and Creators Support
The scope of the support team is to support all users of the platform; users, players, content creators. When more technical issues are encountered (SDK for example, we consult the teams within the foundation).
Decentraland Studios
A DAO initiative designed to bridge the gap between creatives and brands in Decentraland. They serve as a hub for talented creative studios working within Decentraland, offering a platform to showcase their projects. They also maintain an exclusive job board for vetted studios. If you need expert assistance in Decentraland, this is the place to turn your vision into reality.