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What projects does the program fund?
Currently, DAO grants will fund projects within seven categories
Note: According to a Governance Proposal that passed on February 28, 2024, only Platform (50% of grants program budget) and Core Unit (10% of grants program budget) grant proposals can be submitted and funded throughout 2024.
In world content
Development of experiences aiming to improve user retention
Creation of tools and applications extending our platform and ecosystem
Core Unit
Provide core infrastructure and operations for the DAO
Production of free educational content related to Decentraland’s dynamics
Social Media Content
Marketing efforts aiming to reach new users and keeping them engaged
Supporting In-Real-Life initiatives targeting audiences relevant to Decentraland
A private company of for-profit initiative in need of funding
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Frequently asked questions

If you have more questions, take a look at our resources for grantees.

What is the Grants Program?

The Metaverse is a virtual world that is built on top of the internet. It is a place where users can interact with each other and with virtual environments in a more immersive and interactive way.

Who can apply?

Anyone can apply! To request a grant from the Decentraland DAO, begin by navigating to decentraland.org/governance click on the button “start voting” and sign in with your wallet.

Head to the Grants Projects tab and on the lower left side of the platform you’ll see a REQUEST A GRANT button. You have a shortcut here.

Who decides which projects get funded?

The community is who decides if a project gets funded or not. Technically, Only MANA, NAME or LAND holders may vote on proposals in the Decentraland DAO. The current minimum balance needed to have a weighted vote on proposals in the DAO is 1VP Voting with a balance of zero will result in a vote with a weight of 0, which does not impact the final results. Their vote will have the value of the MANA they have in their account. For more information you can check out the DAO User Guide.

Once you submit a grant proposal in our governance app, the community will have 14 days to vote if the grant should or should not receive the funding.

How much money is allocated to the program?
The Decentraland vesting contract allocates the DAO 1.8M MANA every month and it has set up a limit control to not spend more than 70% of such a stream in its grants program. This mitigates the risk of running out of funds, and securing the long-standing operations of the DAO. The Decentraland Grants Program is divided into four periods (Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4), effective since January 1st, 2023. At the beginning of each quarter the maximum amount of money that can be allocated through the Grants Program is defined using the formula: 5,500,000 * MANA_PRICE * 0.7. This means the DAO at maximum capacity will be spending 70% of the MANA received from the vesting contract.

The DAO agreed on a governance proposal on limits for each category of grants. The DAO refreshes and recalculates the category budgets using the MANA price at the beginning of each quarter. When a category reaches its budget, No more grant requests will be accepted for that category.

The allocation per category is the following:
  • Platform 40%
  • In-World Content 20%
  • Core Unit 15%
  • Sponsorship 10%
  • Accelerator 7%
  • Social Media Content 5%
  • Documentation 3%
The grants
program offers
Up to 240k in your chosen roadmap duration
Consultancies and support on every step of the way
To showcase your project to the community
What grantees say
We believe our game provides a unique experience apart from the other games as our gameplay is dynamically different. Our competitive seasons tend to activate even more activity as the prizes we give away are literal 1:1 unique and mythic wearables. We've also made a huge impact to the wearable economy.
The Community Grants program enabled our team to secure funding to develop and enhance tools that empower our users to make informed decisions. These tools provide an open and transparent information infrastructure for effective governance.
Before DCL-Metrics, there was no easy way to get performance metrics about the Decentraland ecosystem or the individual scenes of which it is made. A grant from the DAO made this project possible and it continues to grow with the community, tracking the details of what Decentraland citizens find important.