Make new friends, explore diverse events, and spark your creativity in a virtual world built and owned by its community.

New Client Alpha Unveiled

The alpha version of Decentraland's game-changing Desktop Client 2.0 was unveiled at the Community Summit, featuring stunning visuals, seamless performance, and enhanced immersion set to revolutionize the DCL experience.

2024 Manifesto

Driven by the central theme 'Forging Foundations for the Future,' Decentraland's primary focus in 2024 will be the release of a new, powerful Desktop Client capable of supporting the platform's growth and future expansion into VR & mobile.

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Join a community of creators & explorers  in a dynamic, virtual social world  owned and shaped by you. 



Decentraland is a world built by YOU where the only limit is your imagination. Create and sell Wearables & Emotes, construct captivating scenes and interactive experiences, or set up a personal space in your own World.



The dynamic, virtual social world of Decentraland is home to a vibrant community hosting diverse daily events, ranging from parties, art exhibitions, fashion shows, music festivals, and more to interactive experiences from renown brands like Netflix, Doritos, and Samsung. Make friends, play games, explore, and discover all Decentraland has to offer!



As a fully decentralized metaverse, Decentraland is owned and governed by its users. Join the Decentraland DAO to submit and vote on proposals that affect how the world operates or secure funding for your ideas by applying for grants.


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Your Personal Space in the Metaverse

With just a Decentraland NAME you can claim your own corner of the metaverse, separate from the open world of Decentraland, where you can build, experiment, host events—whatever you want, it’s your World!

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