Get your creative juices flowing!

Winners and finalists in our June Hackathon covered themselves in glory by coming up with a diverse range of creations, from games and data visualizations to museums and art galleries. You can check out a summary of their fantastic creations in our previous blog post.

With the Game Jam kicking off on September 16, we thought we’d stimulate some creativity with a selection of experiences that you can develop and add to Decentraland.

What will you bring to the Jam?

Feel free to copy, distort or completely discard the following experiences as you see fit. If they spark an idea for one of your creations, that’s good enough for us!

Labyrinthium Create a labyrinth consisting of nine colored circles – each one connected with its adjacent circle by doors. To move through the labyrinth players must rotate each circle by activating switches of corresponding circles.

Faux Exquisite Players stand in front of a canvas (a 100x100 pixel grid) to display an image. They must copy this image as faithfully to the original as possible in just 60 seconds. But there’s a catch: the original image disappears after just 10 seconds!

Minefield Players must safely make their way through a minefield using a special detector that alerts them when a mine is nearby.

Lunar Lander One for all the budding virtual astronauts. Players use 3D inputs to control the thrusters of a Lunar Lander and land it safely on the surface of the moon.

Memory Puzzle Players see a board full of overturned cards. Each card is one of a pair and players must flip over two cards at a time. If they match, they stay face up. If not, they flip back over. Players must flip over all the cards in the fewest moves possible.

Pattern Recognition Four colored buttons light up in a specific pattern. Players must repeat the pattern by clicking the buttons in the proper order. Get a pattern wrong, the game ends.

Darts A red dot moves inside a dartboard in a loop. Players must shoot a dart when the red dot reaches the center X spot.

Escape the Haunted House Players have to find the right doors in hallways to make their way through the haunted house and get through to the end first – and alive.

The Cursed Mirror Players must find all the differences between the real world and its mirror image by moving back and forth between them. Players identify objects they think have been altered, but they need to take care as some objects may appear changed when they really aren’t.

Basketball Hoops Players time shots as an arrow moves back and forth above a basketball hoop. If only NBA players had it this easy!

Feeling inspired to get involved?

If you haven’t already done so, sign up to the Game Jam at

Remember there’s a prize pool of over $250k USD up for grabs. And all you have to do is use your imagination!

See you in the Metaverse…