Preparations for Public Launch on 20.02.2020 continue at full speed, including tweaks and refinements for our four-day Treasure Hunt throughout Genesis City.

Specifically, the team is looking at player onboarding and tutorial, real-time airdrops of tokens and a range of other features.

Aside from over 20 bug fixes in last two weeks, we’ve also:

  • Started rolling out major performance and stability improvements
  • Enabled clicking on another player’s avatar to see their profile and info about the NFTs they are wearing
  • Added a Settings menu to turn sound on/off, tweaked mouse sensitivity and adjusted graphics settings for optimum quality vs. performance
  • Added /goto random and /goto magic chat commands allowing users to go to a random parcel or to go to a point of interest

Around the launch event, we’re facilitating the fundamentals of life beyond Public Launch. This includes improvements to:

  • Login flow using web 3
  • Decentralized communications among peers
  • Storage, transfer and synchronization mechanism for the decentralized content service
  • Decentraland node hosting

The next technical update will be only days from launch – we can’t wait! In the meantime, any questions or issues, hit us up on Discord.