The Creator Contest ended just three days ago, but voting is still open until December 23. If you took part in the event you can get your friends and family to like your creation and increase your chances of being one of the 300 to go to the judges.

We’ve seen some stunning pieces of work and can’t wait for the next creative event when the bar will no doubt be raised again—perhaps with assistance from some of the following technical updates:

Builder Team

  • The Marketplace team has already started groundwork on a new version of the Builder that supports multiple NFTs
  • The DAO on Aragon is being tested and we’re working closely with their team to get it audited

World Team

  • We’re improving feedback for players, helping them understand what items are interactive when mousing over them
  • We’re also developing a prototype for a third person camera view

Platform Team

  • We’re completely focused on the development of the new distributed Content and Communication services

Stay tuned for more technical updates. In the meantime, any questions or issues, hit us up on Discord.