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Prior to Game Jam we announced several major new features, as well as Custom Asset Packs to seriously enhance your creative firepower.

Rounding into the end of the year and a major Creator Contest in December, the technical updates and advancements will be coming thick and fast. Here’s a snapshot of the latest:


  • First iteration of zoom in/out with mouse wheel or trackpad on Mini-Map
  • Good progress being made on how we store and render 3D models. Expecting radical improvement to scene loading times


  • Improvements in the format that communicates scene scripts and the WASM client, reducing the CPU processing cost by 1/10th
  • Our Halloween and Day of the Dead events alerted us to Avatar customization issues, which have now been improved


  • Avatars teleporting to another position and remaining visible in their original position has now been resolved
  • Clearer feedback in scene previews when an object is out of scene bounds
  • Fixed a bug where the better looking empty parcels sometimes failed to load
  • Fixed several issues with animations on 3D models

Stay tuned for more technical updates. In the meantime, any questions or issues, hit us up on Discord.

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