Welcome back for another batch of technical updates from Decentraland. The SDK takes the spotlight this week, so read on for a look at how the SDK libraries have been restructured into more easily managed (and more performant) packages.

There’s also a handy new scene example for anyone hosting social gatherings where problematic trolls might need moderating…


Tired of those lengthy NPC conversations?

The NPC library now features a new UI button allowing players to skip entire conversations (or just pieces of conversations) with NPCs. Builders simply need to add a flag to conversations they want to be “skippable”. Refer to the dialogue section of the NPC library docs for more.

Utility libraries

All of the utilities libraries are now available as bundled dependencies! This change brings a handful of benefits, the most important being ease of use.

The import path is now consistent when called from any file within your scene project. For example, the ECS Utils library is imported with the simple:

import * as utils from ‘@dcl/ecs-scene-utils’

This isn’t a breaking change. Any scene’s you’ve already built will continue to work, but if you decide to update your libraries then you’ll have to make a few changes to your code.

Thankfully, there’s a comprehensive migration guide that will walk you through each of the changes needed to keep your scenes running smoothly.

New scene examples

There are two additions in Decentraland’s example scenes. One demonstrates how a “virtual bouncer” can be used to help moderate live events by keeping unruly players in check. Check out the full project here.

Last but not least, here is a new example showing off some classic arcade cabinets, complete with playable variations of the hit Breakout (as seen in Atari’s new arcade)!


Following is a rundown of the most recent and impactful updates in the Decentraland Explorer.


This change implements the new connection manager that allows users to enter the world using wallets other than just Metamask or Dapper.


This update includes a few improvements in the Explorer’s settings panel.


Before this fix, users would occasionally encounter some malformed snapshots of their avatars when viewing their profile. The issue has since been resolved, and avatar profiles should appear as expected!


This change (which also resolves an issue encountered by SDK users) alters the player’s target camera position, making sure that it is relative to the specific scene a player is in instead of the world.


Before this fix, users would sometimes hear audio clips restart after changing the volume of a particular audio source. Now, audio clips behave as expected even with volume changes.


If a player’s initial spawn point is in-valid when first loading the Explorer, they should be redirected to another valid spawn point. This change ensures that behavior, in response to issues of users sometimes seeing fatal errors when given invalid spawn points.


Last but not least, Fortmatic is now supported across all of Decentraland’s dApps. This means you can easily log in with just a mobile number or email address using a Fortmatic account. Sign up and create your wallet at fortmatic.com, then when you click Connect in any of Decentraland’s dApps select Fortmatic.

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