Decentraland’s designers, developers, and artists are still toiling away on the Builder leading up to its launch later this month! We’ve written up more tips and tutorials to guide you through the Builder’s tools, we’ve obliterated even more annoying bugs, and we’re continuing to find ways to fine tune the scene building experience.

Tutorials, tooltips, and toasts!

Wait a minute, what are toasts?

“Toast messages” is a fancy designer term for (what are hopefully helpful) pop-ups. When used correctly, these little toasts will appear at just the right time to explain what you can do, what you should do, or what you’re waiting for. They disappear on their own, after just the right amount of time. We’ve added toasts to explain the Builder’s local storage system, and to provide status updates when performing certain actions. They’re an unobtrusive way to keep you informed while you’re building your scenes.

Plus, they have a fun name.

We’ve also written up a new batch of tooltips. Hover your cursor over a tool or feature that you don’t understand, and a tooltip will fill you in on what it’s for and how to use it.

To tie it all together, we’ve put together an in-app tutorial complete with a visual, step-by-step walkthrough for building your first scene. You’ll start here when you initially load up the Builder, but you can refer back to it at anytime if you need help.

Some of our testers gave us feedback about object selecting and highlighting. Specifically, they wanted to be able to deselect stuff. Well, now you can!

Crushing more bugs!

A lot of our testers complained about texture counts. When adding and removing textures, their resource limits weren’t updating correctly, preventing them from adding more textures even if they still had the resources to spare. We’ve resolved the issue, making sure that all of your resource limits are precise and accurate. There is a cap to how many objects and textures you can add to your scenes, so tracking these limits is an important part of building immersive, yet performant, scenes.

We tracked down and fixed a bug preventing some users from adding objects to their scenes. This was due to a bug in the way objects get cached in the Builder’s database.

Finally, we rolled out improvements to the preview mode and gizmos, making everything much more coherent, especially when switching between scenes and modes.