On Thursday, Jan 14, version 2.17.0 of the Decentraland Builder was released, adding a new Names tab that greatly simplifies the process of claiming and managing unique names. This release also allows you to create a unique URL based on one of your names to link with one of your parcels or estates.

How to manage names in the Builder

Navigate to builder.decentraland.org, connect your wallet, and sign in to the Builder. Then, select the Names tab to view all of your existing names and access the management tools.

Upon first visiting the Names tab, you’ll see any existing names you’ve already claimed, along with a note about which avatar they’ve been assigned to, and any links that are created for each name.

Claim a unique name

To claim a new name, click the + icon, then enter your new name. Names can’t be more than 15 characters long, contain spaces, or include any non-alphanumeric characters.

You might have to give the Builder permission to operate MANA on your behalf via the toggle switch under the name entry field.

Assign a name

To assign one of your names to an avatar, go to the Names tab to view your list of names. Then click Use as alias next to the name you’d like to use. You can always reassign a name later, and don’t worry - replacing an existing alias won’t remove it from your claimed names, and assigning an alias won’t alter the look or feel of your avatar.

To create a new link using one of your names, go to the Names tab and click Use as link next to the name you want to create a link with. You’ll be shown a view of the atlas showing your available parcels and estates. Select which one you want to link your name to and click Continue.

There are two separate transactions required to create a new link.

  • Set Resolver: submitting this transaction allows your name to be linked to a parcel or estate.
  • Set Content: submitting this transaction resolves your name with a URL to the parcel or estate you selected.

After submitting both transactions, click Finish.

Following the URL created will take you directly to your LAND in-world via the World Explorer. If you selected an estate, following the link will take you to the center of your estate. These URLs make it easy to direct your friends in the metaverse straight to your creations!

To view and edit your generated links, head back to the Names tab.

Note: As with any DNS change, it may take some time before your new link is resolved as a valid URL.

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