We are delighted to introduce the Custom Asset Pack feature to the Builder, it makes it super-simple to design and manage your own 3D assets and create a more diverse Decentraland. From now on, add your own unique flavor to your scenes. Let’s get started…

Simply create assets in your favorite 3D art software – Blender, for example – and export them into a folder. Then, open up the Builder and create a new Asset Pack where you can import those assets. Don’t forget to review the assets to ensure they work within DCL’s scene limits and then set the name, icon, category, and tags for each asset to find them easily on the sidebar.

When creating your Asset Packs, you can import any 3D model in GLB or GLTF format, even as a bundled ZIP file if you prefer. Additionally, you can rest assured that all your newly created Asset Packs will be saved on your Decentraland Cloud account, so they will be available from any device you use with no risk of losing them.

Along with the Custom Asset Packs feature, we are also introducing Scaling of models, so for the first time in the Builder you will be able to set the size of the models you use for even more creative scenes!

We hope you enjoy all the new features!

If you have any questions you may contact us through Intercom or Discord and we will help you out.