People like to collect. I like to collect! And I want to do stuff that people are going to enjoy being a part of – almost like a game. For me this entire universe is like this crazy way to escape real life and I’m a huge fan of fantasy so this is just – the best!

The WonderQuest – Sunday 25 July – 1 August, Festival Land (-67,101) – is an immersive exploration of Alison Wonderland’s virtual world of dragons and black magic.

It starts with a single egg, one of ten thousand purchased in the WonderTown market, and ends with an epic musical odyssey in her very own Temple of Wonder. Along the way, those brave enough to embark upon the journey will be treated to money-can’t-buy experiences, live performances, fireside chats, and epic quests through Decentraland.

Like all things that can’t be understood, humans feared them; hunted them, drove them to the edge of the earth and then left them to weather eternity in a desolate, uncharted land. Until now. The WonderQuest begins!

A pioneering artist in the metaverse, Alison Wonderland has created something truly special for her fans and the Decentraland community at large.

Not simply a unique event in its own right, The Wonderquest will go down as one of the earliest examples of an immersive fan experience. A grand experiment to remove the boundaries between artist and audience and realise the potential of music and artistic expression in the virtual world.

At the heart of The WonderQuest is the egg – ten thousand in total. Inside each egg is a wild, wicked, or wondrous dragon. There are 12 breeds of the majestic creatures, each with their own unique traits and rarity. It is up to you if you want to hatch your eggs to reveal your dragons in all their glory, or wait, gathering eggs to display in your NFT gallery.

The egg is a collectible, but so is the dragon inside it. Alison and her team have designed a unique smart contract that leaves you in control. Either way, the eggs and the quest are just the first tiny step into The WonderQuest’s immersive virtual world, with one hell of a party waiting at the end of the journey on Sunday, August 1 at 11pm UTC.

Check out the Event listing for full details and to RSVP