We’ve launched our developer CLI!

We recently released our first development tool: the Decentraland CLI. Since we are still in the process of building Decentraland from the ground up, we saw a command line interface as the quickest way to get our developer community up and running with the platform.

This CLI provides a streamlined tool allowing you to generate your first scene, modify the content of your scene, and upload it to IPFS, the peer-to-peer file system used to host and deliver Decentraland content. Read the full announcement for the CLI here on our blog, or dive right in by visiting our CLI documentation!

LAND Deployment

Now that the Terraform Event has concluded, we’ve completed the process of distributing all LAND to auction participants. We’re proud to say that Decentraland’s LAND smart contract is one of the very few contracts deployed to the Ethereum network that is designed with a mechanism allowing the contract to be continually upgraded and improved.

If you would like a review of the Terraform Event, check out our Auction Summary. You can also view a summary of related MANA token stats on our transparency dashboard.

New Docs

Finally, we’d like to share with you some new documentation for Decentraland. As part of the CLI release, we’ve published a step-by-step guide to using the new development tool. We’ve also added an up-to-date overview of the project including an expanded FAQ and glossary.

We hope that this material provides useful information for current members of the community, in addition to educating people new to the project. Keep an eye on these docs: they will grow into a valuable resource as we build and expand the Decentraland feature-set.