Announcing the LAND Manager

Earlier this week, we announced the release of our LAND Manager — a new tool that makes it possible for you to quickly visualize your LAND holdings in the greater context of Genesis City. Users have already started using the LAND Manager to transfer parcels between themselves, beginning the evolution of Genesis City’s landscape.

If you haven’t already, read the full announcement on our blog here or jump right in at

For answers to common questions, and help with loading up the LAND Manager, please check out our docs.

News from the Decentraland Network: SciArt Lab District Highlight

The Decentraland community is building a number of exciting Districts, the themed communities and collectives within Genesis City. Different District interests range from a sprawling cyberpunk city to a virtual reality university. Today we want to introduce you to the SciArt Lab — a research and development group opening a lab in Decentraland.

The SciArt R&D group explores the intersection of art, science, and technology and is developing new ways of sharing and communicating their research. They work at the intersection between traditional scientific research and artistic expression. The Lab is cross functional, multidisciplinary, creative, rigorously scientific, and innovative.

These ideals all resonate with the Decentraland project, so we are excited to share SciArt’s plans to open a branch within Genesis City. The SciArt Lab’s goal of promoting new, creative, and unconventional research easily fits within Decentraland’s realm of possibilities. By opening their virtual reality lab, they will be able to bring their projects in subjects like sound synthesis, computational music, data visualization, and digital art to life.

We want Decentraland to encourage new ways of communicating and problem solving by providing a new medium for human interaction: a decentralized and open-ended virtual reality. The SciArt Lab is an exciting and thought provoking example of what will be possible.

Learn more about the SciArt Lab by visiting their website, reading their original District proposal, or following them on Twitter.

MANA Listed on the Kyber.Network

The Kyber.Network has listed Decentraland’s MANA on their recent pilot launch on the Ethereum mainnet. We are happy to support decentralized exchanges like the Kyber.Network, and see their pilot launch as a big step forward for blockchain technology.

Read Our Blog in Chinese and Korean!

We are very excited to begin offering Chinese and Korean translations of our blog posts. We want Decentraland to be accessible to our global community, and one step toward that goal is providing updates and announcements in the language and voice of our users. We are also actively working on providing all of our documentation in Chinese and Korean- stay tuned for updates on when this will be available.