We have a few bits of news to share with you since our last Project Update.

There’s a new endpoint in the LAND API that we want to share, we’re still making progress with the Estates feature, we’ve made some changes to the CLI and how it handles validations when initializing a new project, and we’ve made a few small changes to Agora’s styling.

Finally, we want to share a few of the bounties that we’re hosting on GitCoin.

Updates in the Marketplace

First off, our dApps team released version 0.11.4 of the Marketplace last week, which mostly included smaller patches and fixes.

More notably, we’ve added a new GET /map endpoint to the LAND API, which returns all of the parcels in a given area (including any Estates, once the feature is launched). For details on how to use the /map endpoint, check out our docs!

We’re still making progress with Estates. Last week, we began work on converting Estates into fully-fledged ERC 721 tokens, complete with composable properties.

Agora is now two weeks old!

Since Agora was launched two weeks ago, it has processed 368 votes across 29 different polls, with zero downtime! We’re super excited that it’s being put to use by the Community Districts. Since the initial launch, we’ve made a few small changes to the styling of the app that you may have noticed.

Don’t forget to reach out to us on Discord if you have any questions or run into any issues when using Agora.

Updates in the SDK

Last week, we released a few small changes improving the developer experience of the CLI.

There is now a new validation process that will run each time you initialize a new project. The CLI will check to ensure that your scene doesn’t extend beyond your parcel’s boundaries, it will protect you from overwriting any existing or conflicting data, and finally it will run some security and ownership validations. Our goal is to help you save time by catching any mistakes you may have made as soon as possible.

We’ve also begun work on the default user interface in the Decentraland Client, resolving a few performance issues along the way. A big component of the Client UI that we’re tackling now is the communications layer, or the features and interface allowing users in the same scene to interact with each other.

Decentraland Bounties

We’ve recently begun listing bounties on GitCoin to help incentivize content creation within the Decentraland community.

Right now we have several bounties offering MANA for individuals interested in writing guest blog posts (you could have your writing featured right on the Decentraland blog!), producing video tutorials for the SDK, and organizing meetups for game developers interested in the Decentraland SDK.

For more details about each of these bounties, with instructions on how to apply, check out our profile on GitCoin!

NIFTY is just a few days away!

We’re getting extremely excited for the upcoming NIFTY conference and hackathon in Hong Kong! With just less than a week to go, we can’t wait to kick off the first conference dedicated to non-fungible tokens and blockchain-based gaming.

Leaders in blockchain tech and online gaming are traveling to Hong Kong from around the globe to discuss the intersection of these two exciting industries. In addition to the lineup of talks and presentations, NIFTY will be hosting the very first blockchain gaming hackathon.

Visit nifty.gg to grab your tickets and to browse through the agenda!