It’s time for another project update from Decentraland! We have a handful of exciting changes and additions in both the SDK and the Marketplace that we want to fill you in on.

We’ve renamed a few of our packages in the SDK, we’ve added support for Ledger hardware wallets with the CLI, and we’ve improved the process of linking your 3D content with your LAND.

In the Marketplace, we’ve fixed some querying errors in the API, we’re making progress with LAND Estates, and we are almost finished translating the entire dApp into Japanese.


We’ve made a few changes to the Decentraland SDK since our last project update. You might have already noticed that a couple of our packages are renamed:

  • decentraland-api is now decentraland-api
  • metaverse-rpc is now decentraland-rpc
  • metaverse-compiler is now decentraland-compiler

The SDK now also supports an onClick event for entities. This new event type should make it much easier to program interactive scenes.

There are also a few other changes to the CLI, the most notable of which is the addition of Ledger hardware wallet support.

If you use a Ledger hardware wallet with your LAND, you can now execute dcl deploy --https instead of dcl deploy command to link the changes in your parcel with your LAND. The addition of the --https flag ensures that when your browser is opened to carry out the transaction, it serves a website with a self-signed https certificate (the Ledger web integration requires a secure http connection).

Currently, the certificate is self-signed, so your browser might give you a warning before launching the page. Don’t worry, it’s still safe to continue! The warning is displayed only because the certificate is self-signed by your machine.

Metamask has also recently added support for Trezor hardwallets, so Trezor, Ledger, and Metamask users can all link the content from their parcels with their LAND.

Finally, The CLI’s linker dApp has been updated to use our decentraland-dapps library, which is fully documented and available here. The CLI now also ensures that the linking process is closed only after your transaction has been completed successfully. This should remove any confusion when linking your content to your LAND.

Marketplace & dApps

Our Marketplace and dApps team has been hard at work to improve the UX the Marketplace. Most recently, they resolved a few minor issues that users were encountering when querying results through the LAND API.

They are also making good progress toward releasing the LAND Estates feature, which will allow users to group parcels of LAND together to simplifying deploying large scenes, and buying or selling multiple parcels at once. They’ve finished the front end development, are continuing to test the integration on the Ropsten network, and are in the middle of conducting an external audit. The Estate smart contract is now also upgradeable via the ZepplinOS!

This week, we’re adding a small feature to the Marketplace targeted toward developers. Currently, whenever you deploy new parcel content from the CLI, a link is sent to IPFS tying your new content to your LAND token. Once deployed, this new feature will allow you to edit that link directly from the Marketplace’s page for your parcel.

Please heed the warning by this field! Changing the URL in the “Parcel content link” field changes the content hosted on your LAND.

Finally, we’re working on translating our LAND Marketplace into Japanese to make the application as accessible as possible to our users in Japan.