Points of Interest

One point of interest has been added to Decentraland’s map since the last report.

149,-60: “Decentra Fun”

  • Yes - 867,800 VP (37 votes) 100%
  • No - 0 VP (0 votes) 0%

Name bans

No Names have been banned since the last report.

Catalyst Nodes

No Catalyst nodes have been added since the last report.

Grant requests

Since September 1, one grant has been approved and funded.

Help us finish our music district and virtual record store.

  • Yes - 1,683,860 VP (8 votes) 99%
  • No - 2,221 VP (1 vote) 1%

The three month vesting contract has been initiated. View the vesting contract here.


Hire Matimio as the DAO Facilitator

  • Hire Matimio - 435,268 VP (27 votes) 100%
  • Do not hire Matimio - 0 VP (0 votes) 0%

The DAO has voted to hire Matimio (Discord username: Matimio#4673) as the DAO Facilitator. Matimio has since been onboarded and is beginning his duties this week!

Updating Fee Structure for Wearable Secondary Sales

  • Keep Fee As Is - 261,594 VP (8 votes) 9%
  • Keep 2.5% Total Fee but Give to Content Creator - 2,288,648 VP (11 votes) 81%
  • Add 2.5% Fee for Content Creator to Existing 2.5% Fee to DCL - 298,393 VP (16 votes) 10%

The DAO has voted to maintain the 2.5% fees for secondary wearable sales and to start giving the proceeds of those fees back to the original content creators. After the conclusion of this proposal, the DAO Committee reached out to OpenSea to clarify how fees have been collected there to date, and how best to move ahead with this proposal for fees from OpenSea. The Committee is also in contact with the Foundation to discuss options for redistributing fees from secondary sales on Decentraland’s Marketplace.

Another update will be published next week after the Committee has been able to gather more information.

(Cold Wallet Users) Give access/land permission to another wallet

  • Yes - 220,098 (8 votes) 97%
  • No - 8,383 (2 votes) 3%

In order to ease access to LAND when using a cold wallet, the DAO has voted to allow granting of access permissions to additional wallet addresses. However, it is already possible to do this using the “Manager” and “Operator” permissions in the Builder’s UI.

Simply log into the Builder at https://builder.decentraland.org/land, select the LAND or Estate details page you want to add an operator to, select the “…” menu and click “Set Operator”.

Remember, you can set both “Operators” and “Managers”. “Operators” will only be able to operate on one specific asset (e.g. an Estate or LAND parcel). On the other hand, “Managers” can operate on all of the assets owned by your address. Here is a more detailed write up.

The Foundation will improve the existing documentation for this feature.


For questions or comments please contact the DAO Facilitator, Matimio (Discord: Matimio#4673)