It has been two weeks since the last DAO Committee report. During those two weeks, two points of interest have been added, three grant requests have been approved, and six polls have passed and are now either in-progress or pending action.

Point of Interests

Since August 1st, the following points of interest have been added to Decentraland’s map:

Name bans

No Names have been banned since the last report.

Catalyst Nodes

No Catalyst nodes have been added since the last report.

Grant requests

Since August 30th, three grants have been approved. One-time payments have been sent and vesting contracts have been created using the exchange rate of MANA of the day the proposal closed.

Hiroto Kais Decentraland Builder Tutorials

Yes 81% (1,040,217 VP) No 19% (245,439 VP)

The one-time payment for this grant has been executed. View the transaction on Etherscan.

Decentraland <> Rarible Protocol Integration

Yes 100% (1,274,241 VP) No 0% (0 VP)

The three month vesting contract has been initiated. View the vesting contract here.

The in-world DAO governance forum

Yes 100% (2,389,212 VP) No 0% (0 VP)

The one-time payment for this grant has been executed. View the transaction on Etherscan.


Following is a list of pending polls brought to the DAO.

Create the ability to sit on chairs and point at things

Yes 100% (73,193 VP) No 0% (0 VP)

Pointing in an arbitrary chosen direction could be an emote and this request is noted. The avatar system does not currently support a more complex pointing feature, so more thought and work would be needed.

Sitting in a chair is a difficult technical topic. The Foundation client team is thinking about an interactive item system with custom animations. This system is planned but has no timeline. An alternative in the nearer future may be to create a sitting emote at a standard chair height.

Should the Curation Committee receive a Compensation for their work?

Compensate Curators - 30 USD p/item 13% (83,842 VP) Compensate Curators - Find another rate 86% (536,581 VP) No compensation for Curators 1% (3,449 VP)

A new proposal has been published with a revised version. Check it out and vote!

Add ability to bookmark your own favorite locations

Yes, Personal POIs would be useful. 99% (754,022 VP) No, need for this. 0% (0 VP)

Maybe, but would like the community to think this through more. 1% (2,551 VP)

Custom bookmarks will soon be in active development in the Foundation client. In the meantime, you can use your browser’s bookmark manager to bookmark scenes and find them later.

Should we convert 1/5th of the DAO’s MANA to stablecoin to diversify and stabilize the treasury?

Yes 99% (5,653,269 VP) No 1% (81,143 VP)

The DAO Committee has already swapped 2,400,000 MANA to equal proportions of stable coins. This represents 39% of the total MANA that needs to be exchanged.

The conversion operation has been split over time using an OTC (1/3) and DEXs protocols (2/3), in order to minimize slippage and get an averaged price of the MANA over time.