It has been two weeks since the last DAO Committee report. During those two weeks, three points of interest have been added, three names have been banned, four grant requests have been approved, and six polls have passed and are now either in-progress or pending action.

Point of Interests

Since June 30th, the following points of interest have been added to Decentraland’s map:

  • -119,125: “Amnesia”
  • -108,129: “DEXTools”
  • -96,110: “Atari”

Name bans

Since June 30th, three names have been banned from Decentraland. You can view recent name ban proposals here. (Remember that banned name proposals may contain offensive or hateful language.)

Catalyst Nodes

No Catalyst nodes have been added since the last report.

Grant requests

Since June 30th, four grants have been approved. The one-time payments and vesting contracts have since been executed.

Video Editor for The Decentraland Report

Yes 99% (1,322,993 VP) No 1% (20,236 VP)

The one-time payment for this grant has been executed. View the transaction on Etherscan.

Open source DCL utility library that makes many things easier

Yes 100% (1,459,484 VP) No 0% (0 VP)

The three month vesting contract has been initiated. View the vesting contract here.

DCL Knowledge Base HQ - Educational Website

Yes 99% (2,164,910 VP) No 1% (41,020 VP)

The one-time payment for this grant has been executed. View the transaction on Etherscan.

Building the Motion Mine

Yes 98% (1,933,143 VP) No 2% (42,556 VP)

The three month vesting contract has been initiated. You can view the vesting contract here.


The following polls are either pending, or in progress.


Should Voter Power Delegation be activated in Decentraland’s Snapshot Space?

For 92% (1,650,735 VP) Against 8% (148,914 VP)


  • This is the second poll held after the publication of a report on the potential impacts of implementing VP delegation. You may view that report on VP delegation here.
  • With the approval of this proposal, the process of implementing VP delegation in Decentraland’s Snapshot space has begun. It is expected to take up to 2 weeks to implement VP delegation, and an announcement will be made after the change is live.
  • After this has been implemented, VP may only be delegated via Snapshot’s UI. Future work will be planned to allow users to delegate VP directly from their “Voting Power” tab within

Vote for Approval of Cybermike’s Wearable Character Build “Idoru” and listed on Layer 1 Ethereum as Bundle Set

Yes 60.82% (2.71m VP) No 39.18% (1.75m VP)


  • The Wearables Curation Committee has been notified of this proposal’s approval, and next steps are still being defined.

Should we convert 1/5th of the DAO’s MANA to stablecoin to diversify and stabilize the treasury?

For 98% (3,706,208 VP) Against 2% (81,143 VP)


  • The DAO Committee is in the process of defining how this conversion will be handled.

How do you all feel about Sandbox’s Map? ( Image populated ) should we consider our own variation?

For 99% (252,527 VP) Against 1% (322 VP)


  • Alternative implementations for this are being explored.

Feature & content requests

Many of the non-binding polls brought to the DAO are requests or suggestions for new content and features for the Decentraland platform. Following is a review of those polls, along with suggestions for how to proceed.

Add a UTC clock on Decentraland world?

YES 100% (125,253 VP) NO 0% (0 VP)


  • The Decentraland Foundation’s world team does not currently have plans to build an in-world clock to the UI.
  • Building such a clock could be done by a member or members of the community with the help of grant funding, but a more in-depth technical and product definition would be required.

Would you like to WALK without holding down a key by using Caps Lock?

Yes - continuous walk option. 100% (121,181 VP) No 0% (0 VP)


  • There are no definite plans to implement this feature, but it would be possible for another community member to request a grant to help fund a proof-of-concept or open source contribution.

Updates to the admin proxy for the Estates smart contract

After this proposal to grant the Foundation deploy permissions for the DAO owned road parcels, multiple steps had to be taken to make this possible. Following is an account of the changes made. You may view a record of the transactions here.

The DAO Agent owns all the estates that make up Decentraland’s public roads. For the Foundation to receive deploy permissions to these estates, one of the Foundation’s addresses needed to be set as ‘updateManger’.

The DAO Agent is also the proxyOwner of the estate smart contract which is using a Proxy pattern for upgradability. However, the proxyAdmin of the Estate smart contract can’t call the implementation, and therefore can’t manage its own assets, such as setting an updateManager for roads.

The solution implemented was:

1) The proxyAdmin role was moved from the DAO Agent to the Foundation’s multisig, to allow the DAO Agent to hit the implementation and to manage its assets.

2) setUpdateManager was called from the DAO Agent to set an address as updateManager for the Estates owned by the DAO Agent.

3) A forwarder contract was deployed with only the ability to call other contracts. Only the owner of the forwarder will be able to call other contracts. This forwarder contract was developed by the Decentraland Foundation and was audited by Ariel Barmat, member of the SAB. You can view the security review for this contract here.

4) The forwarder smart contract was set as operator of the DAO Agent for its Estates. This permitted the DAO to call the forwarder to manage its assets. The DAO Agent is the owner of the forwarder smart contract.

5) The proxyAdmin role was moved from the Foundation’s multisig back to the DAO Agent.

Following is a list of the Eth addresses used in this transition:

Foundation Multisig: 0x4eac6325e1dbf1ac90434d39766e164dca71139

DAO Agent: 0x9A6ebE7E2a7722F8200d0ffB63a1F6406A0d7dce

Estate: 0x959e104e1a4db6317fa58f8295f586e1a978c297

Forwarder: 0x34ed9e73930290cec0cfe601809255ec1313ea18