It has been two weeks since the last DAO Committee report. During that time, the voting periods for 17 different proposals have been completed, with three added POIs, two approved grant requests, two enacted polls and 10 pending polls.

Points of Interest

Since June 15, the following three Points of Interest have been added to Decentraland’s map:

  • 19,-120: The Art Dungeon
  • 10,52: Convention Center
  • -67,-114: Franky’s Tavern

Name Bans

No names have been banned.

Catalyst Nodes

No nodes have been added to the Catalyst network.

Grant Requests

The DAO has received 7 requests for grants since the program was launched on June 21st. During that time, two grant requests have been approved.

Building the Motion Mine

For 98% (1,928,825 VP) Agains 2% (42,556 VP)

Improving the Toolbox Smart Item In Builder

For 99% (1,198,453 VP) Against 1% (14 VP)


Following is a list of enacted and pending polls brought to the DAO.


Following is a list of polls that have been acted on, resulting in changes to Decentraland’s tools and/or smart contracts.

Proposal for a Community Grants Framework

For 100% (3,923,015 VP) Against 0% (0 VP)

The Community Grants framework has since been implemented. Grants can be requested by logging into the DAO at, clicking Submit a proposal, selecting the Grant Request category, and filling out the provided form. Grants must receive at least 1 million VP voting in favor of the request (with the FOR votes in the majority) for a grant to be approved and funded. More information about grants can be found in the documentation.

A proposal for minimum VP participation thresholds required to pass DAO proposals

For 91% (736,310 VP) Against 9% (77,569 VP)

The new proposed minimum VP thresholds have since been implemented in the Decentraland DAO. Grants must receive at least 1 million VP and all other proposal categories must receive at least 500k VP in order to be approved. Non-binding proposals have no new thresholds.


For 100% (305,469 VP) Against 0% (0 VP)

Point of Interest proposals do already contain direct links to view the scene in-world. These links appear as red arrow icons adjacent to the name of the scene. Clicking these links will open the scene in a new browser tab.

Next steps:

  • The Decentraland Foundation will prioritize work to make these links more obvious and easier to follow.

L1 Ethereum Wearables Voting Power Allocation Proposal

For 96% (2,920,657 VP) Against 4% (146,490 VP)

Next steps:

  • Currently, wearables are spread between many different smart contracts, which may not necessarily report the rarity of each wearable, making it difficult to determine the appropriate VP for each wearable.
  • The dApps team within the Decentraland Foundation has been notified of this request, and will provide more clarity as to the technical feasibility of allocating VP to L1 wearables in the next DAO Committee Report.

Get voting power for your current L1 wearables and strengthen the wider community DAO participation

For 76% (1,442,355 VP) Against 24% (473,946 VP)

Next steps:

Should NAME owners be granted proportional DAO rights? (100 VP per name owned)

YES 97% (1,626,596 VP) NO 3% (51,297 VP)

Next steps:

  • The Decentraland Foundation is developing the strategy to grant NAME owners VP in the DAO.

Should Voter Power delegation be activated in the Decentraland snapshot space?

Yes 68% (4,322,367 VP) No 32% (2,065,731 VP)

As stated in the previous Committee Report, this proposal was controversial within the community, and led to a notable amount of inconclusive debate on the Forum, Twitter, and community round table discussions.

The DAO Committee recommended further discussion and the creation of a report summarizing the benefits and risks of implementing VP delegation before holding a final vote on whether or not to activate VP delegation.

This report has been written by the DAO Committee, and can be found here.

The DAO Committee has opened a final proposal on the DAO for the implementation of VP delegation. Please review the report, and then cast your final vote here.

Allocate MANA for initial liquidity in Quickswap MANA-DG pool on Polygon/Matic

Yes 100% (2,812,722 VP) No 0% (0 VP)

As stated in the previous Committee Report, sending MANA directly and securely to a Polygon address from the DAO is not possible given the current implementation of the DAO. The DAO Committee recommended that Decentral Games advocate for the necessary implementation and third-party audit needed to make this change.

Next steps:

  • The Decentral Games team has developed the needed smart contracts. These will now be passed through an external audit before resubmission to the DAO.
  • Develop a plan to bridge DAO’s MANA to Polygon in a secure way.

Feature & content requests

Many of the non-binding polls brought to the DAO are requests or suggestions for new content and features for the Decentraland platform. Following is a review of those polls, along with suggestions for how to proceed.

Right Click to Follow

Yes 76% (57,992 VP) No 24% (17,919 VP) Not Possible (2,000 VP)

Next steps:

  • The Decentraland Foundation has no definite plans to implement this feature, but it would be possible for another community member to request a grant to help fund a proof-of-concept.

Add A Category For Hand Accessory In The Wearables Builder

For 100% (417,637 VP) Against 0% (0 VP)

Next steps:

  • The Decentraland Foundation has plans to increase the number of wearable categories, but priority has not yet been set for a “hands” category.

Update the Decentraland Events landing page to categorize events

For 98% (607,409 VP) Against 2% (14,000 VP)

Next steps:

  • The Decentraland Events landing page is maintained by the Decentraland Foundation, who has been notified of this request.
  • Improving the categorization of events within this page is on the list of planned improvements, but no date can be given as to when this will be implemented.

Patch Builder to latest SDK

For 85% (569,281 VP) Against 15% (100,484 VP)

Next steps:

  • The Decentraland Foundation has been notified of this request and the relevant team is working the patch into their roadmap. The DAO Committee will review progress toward this patch in the next report.