We’re now three weeks past the launch of Decentraland’s Snapshot-integrated DAO, and the participation has been amazing. So far, 63 proposals have been created, with 35 suggesting new POIs, 1 banning an offensive name, and 27 polling the community on a wide range of topics.

Part of the new DAO’s governance “stack” is a multisig proxy entrusted with the task of enacting approved proposals on-chain. Currently, there are three people sitting on the DAO Committee:

  • Kyllian Le Borgne Roperch: developer and early contributor to Decentraland’s community
  • Eric Schallock: technical writer with the Decentraland Foundation
  • Yemel Jardi: software engineer, and one of the writers of Decentraland’s first whitepaper

Each week, this committee meets to review each of the proposals that were approved on Snapshot during the previous 7 days.

Simple proposals from any of the predefined categories (e.g. adding a POI, adding a Catalyst node, and banning a name) are immediately committed to the DAO’s on-chain contracts. This process entails the initiation of a 24 hour delay by any committee member, during which any other member may step in to pause the action in the event of a mistake or security risk. Any member of the SAB also has the ability to pause these on-chain actions to help protect the DAO from human error.

Non-binding polls are more complex in that their content is more ambiguous in terms of scope, feasibility, and security. This is why polls are non-binding. Less clearly defined initiatives should pass through additional deliberation, analysis, and planning by the community before they are acted on - especially when significant funds or platform decisions are at stake.

The DAO Committee will share a recurring report on all of the proposals enacted during the previous period, along with recommended next steps for each non-binding poll.

This is to be the first of those reports.

It’s worth restating that the DAO Committee holds no political power within the DAO. The Committee is intended to act only as a proxy for the community to circumvent the high gas fees that accompany Ethereum mainnet transactions.

Points of Interest

Since May 24, 11 POIs have been added to Decentraland’s map. Coordinates and name for each added location are:

  • -29,55: WonderMine Crafting Game
  • -108,-30: Astrology Center
  • 144,-34: Spanish museum
  • -10,58: Pirate fever sponsored by dclrenting.com
  • -79,-54: The Decentraland Report HQ
  • 111,-23: MetaZoo International
  • 25,74: interactive-text
  • 26,9: Free TON HQ
  • -143,-125: Shrine of D10S
  • -25,25: Quizzone
  • -119,133: Tominoya Casino
  • -48,-110: The Sanctuary
  • 23,-123: Cryptanthropy
  • 38,103: BB Studios’ Artist Hour with DKleine
  • 82,-149: Hiroto Kai Museum
  • 52,83: Sotheby’s

Name Bans

So far, one name has been banned from Decentraland. Warning: the proposal for the banned name contains offensive content, but you can review the issue here.

Catalyst Nodes

No nodes have been added to the Catalyst network.


Following is a list of enacted and pending polls brought to the DAO.


Following is a list of polls that have been acted on, resulting in changes to Decentraland’s tools and/or smart contracts.

Proposal for the Decentraland Foundation to receive deploy permissions on road parcels

Grant permissions 99% (501,524 VP) Deny permissions 1% (4,241 VP)

“Update manager” permissions have since been granted to the Foundation controlled account with the address 0x462ab09f1a75786E0c54ced394E0fB537Af03734. These permissions were used to update the road parcels for the recent Pride Parade, and will be used to deploy content for future events.

Transfer Ownership of MANA-BNT Bancor to the Bancor DAO

For 100% (50,525 VP) Against 0% (0 VP)

The ownership of the MANA-BNT pool was successfully transferred from the Decentraland DAO to the Bancor DAO. See the transaction details here.

Proposal for a Wearables Curation Committee

For 99% (3,654,181 VP) Against 1% (12,589 VP)

The described Wearables Curation Committee has been put into place with the launch of the Wearables Editor. Notwithstanding the approval and enactment of this proposal, it should be understood that the Curation Committee is not a guaranteed failsafe for wearables. There remains the possibility that content be banned subject to laws and regulations that exceed the scope of the Curation Committee.

Revised proposal for wearable publication fees

100 MANA 1% (87,940 VP) 500 MANA 84% (5,124,226 VP) Other 15% (982,574 VP)

Collection of a 500 MANA per item publication fee has since been implemented in the Wearables publication flow.

Remove “decentraland.org.cn” from the DAO Catalyst List

For 100% (386,186 VP) Against 0% (0 VP)

Due to repeated failures to update the node, “decentraland.org.cn” has since been removed from the Catalyst network. Out of date nodes pose security and stability issues to users.


Following is a list of polls that have finished, but still await further action.

Proposal for a Community Grants Framework

For 100% (3,923,015 VP) Against 0% (0 VP)

Next steps:

  • The front-end development and UI/UX design needed to support the grant request proposal category on governance.decentraland.org has already been completed by the Decentraland Foundation.
  • The DAO needs a way to prevent users from forcing through their own grant requests, a risk that is greater for proposals that receive little or no participation from other voters.
  • This proposal for a min threshold to approve proposals helps to address the issue. With the approval of a minimum VP threshold (or another solution), the grants framework can be implemented.

Should NAME owners be granted proportional DAO rights? (100 VP per name owned)

YES 97% (1,626,596 VP) NO 3% (51,297 VP)

Next steps:

  • This action poses no risk to any of Decentraland’s contracts, and it raised no contentious debate within the community on the Forum.
  • The next step to implement this change would be the addition of a new “strategy” to Decentraland’s Snapshot space. Snapshot “strategies” are functions that examine on-chain contracts to see the balances of various assets held by voters. This new strategy would simply examine the Names contract to determine the balance of Names held by the voter. That balance can then contribute to the voter’s VP.
  • The Decentraland Foundation, having set up Decentraland’s Snapshot space and the governance.decentraland.org UI, will implement this new strategy.

Should Voter Power delegation be activated in the Decentraland snapshot space?

Yes 68% (4,322,367 VP) No 32% (2,065,731 VP)

Next steps:

  • This proposal was controversial within the community, and led to a notable amount of inconclusive debate on the Forum, Twitter, and community round table discussions. No consensus on this issue has been reached yet.
  • Given the potential impact of VP delegation, and the contentious debate, the DAO Committee recommends continued research and discussion.
  • A productive next step might be the production of a more thorough report on the pros, cons, and security implications of VP delegation that could better inform a future vote within the community.

Allocate MANA for initial liquidity in Quickswap MANA-DG pool on Polygon/Matic

Yes 100% (2,812,722 VP) No 0% (0 VP)

Next steps:

  • This is not currently possible given the current implementation of the DAO.
  • The DAO Committee recommends that Decentral Games provide the needed implementation work, along with sponsoring a third-party audit of the work.
  • Once these steps are complete, a new proposal should be created with the implementation and audit available for voters to review.
  • It’s important to note that this proposal finished in favor of the action, with the majority of the VP coming from one address managed by DG.

A proposal for minimum VP participation thresholds required to pass DAO proposals

For 91% (736,310 VP) Against 9% (77,569 VP)

Next steps:

  • This proposal passed according to the DAO’s current acceptance criteria and does not pose a security risk to Decentraland’s tools or smart contracts.
  • Given the fact that the proposed minimum threshold can be reversed or changed in the future, the committee deems it safe to implement in the DAO.

Feature & content requests

Many of the non-binding polls brought to the DAO are requests or suggestions for new content and features for the Decentraland platform. Following is a review of those polls, along with suggestions for how to proceed.

Build a Planetarium

Yes 100% (838,711 VP) No 0% (0 VP)

Next steps:

  • The DAO Committee suggests that someone propose a grant to build this content, when community grants are launched.
  • Another recommended step is to create a public “wishlist” where suggestions like these can be recorded to help inform content creators.

Vehicles or methods of transportation

YES! 61% (336,080 VP) LAME! 39% (214,904 VP)

Next steps:

  • The DAO Committee suggests that someone propose a grant to build this content, when community grants are launched.

Add a “Search by Name” Booth or Machine

Yes 100% (58,231 VP) No 0% (0 VP)

Next steps:

  • The DAO Committee suggests that someone propose a grant to build this content, when community grants are launched.

Implement decentraland in virtual reality headsets like quest 2

Good idea! 100% (568,927 VP) Not important 0% (0 VP)

Next steps:

  • While the Decentraland Foundation has plans to build a VR client, this is far from being launched.
  • If the community wishes to speed the development of a VR client, it would be possible to request a grant (when grants are launched) to help fund the effort.

Would you like a way to mute the chat sounds?

Yes 100% (421,888 VP) No 0% (0 VP)

Next steps:

  • This is an issue that the Decentraland Foundation is aware of. There is a plan to add a “sounds” menu within the settings panel that would allow users to toggle chat sounds, music, sound effects, etc. There’s currently no set delivery date.
  • To view or comment on this topic, refer Issue #102 and Issue #150 on GitHub.