When we first launched Decentraland’s Builder, we made it available on several different domains to better serve users spread around the entire globe. These domains were:

  • kr.builder.decentraland.org
  • builder.decentraland.zone

Our goal was to make sure that everyone could access the Builder and enjoy the same, smooth experience – regardless of their location.

We are now to the point where we can give this service to everyone, all from a single domain. So, on June 17th, 2019, all Builder users should be using builder.decentraland.org.

What you need to know

During the migration to the single domain, we unfortunately cannot save any projects that were created on either kr.builder.decentraland.org or builder.decentraland.zone.

Please download and save any projects that you created on either of these domains before June 17th, 2019!

You will be able to easily upload these projects to builder.decentraland.org. Migrating your scenes is super easy, just follow the instructions here on how to use the download/upload feature in the Builder.

If you have any other questions or concerns leading up to the migration, please reach out in Decentraland’s public Discord.

Why are we making this migration?

Now that the Builder has been publicly launched for over a month, our engineers have reached a point where they can provide the same smooth and seamless experience to everyone around the globe - all from a single domain.

It is far easier for Decentraland’s engineers to support a single domain, instead of three. By consolidating all of the traffic to .org we’ll be able to release iterative improvements and updates faster, and more often.

Thank you, and happy building!