It’s been a week since our first progress report for Decentraland’s Builder, and we’ve got some more updates to share.

With most of the fundamental tools and features out of the way (things like object manipulation and scene previews), our developers have begun work on some of the finer details.

Art, models, and textures

One of the largest efforts behind the Builder is arguably dreaming up, designing, and creating the models and textures that make up your palette. Our Art team has been taking this by storm.

In celebration of the Chinese New Year, they even created some Year of the Pig themed models (we know we already shared these last week, we’re just really pleased with how they turned out). The Art team also added some fun new ground and floor textures.

Originally, these floor textures didn’t include colliders (the “physical” part of a model that you bump into). The team thinks that they could be used as interesting walls (or maybe boardwalks?) so they’re adding colliders to give them a little more versatility.

We hope you like pirates, because there might just be some nautical themed assets on the horizon…

Managing your projects

When it comes to creating, naming, and managing your scenes, we’ve added a few helpful bits and pieces. The Builder now displays thumbnail previews of each of your scenes, making it a little easier to browse for that one scene you want to finish.

Support for custom parcel layouts is also complete! That means you’ll be able to use up to 32 parcels in a square or rectangular arrangement. Don’t forget, you don’t need to own LAND to use the Builder, but if you do - we’ve got you covered.

The flow for creating, naming, describing, and deleting your scenes is also now finished.

All of the required UI elements for submitting your scenes to the Creator Contest have been added - this was one of our big goals for last week. Now, we’re tackling the backend work needed to get your scenes in front of the judges.

Test, rebuild, and test again!

We’ve been thrilled to bring in as many users as possible to help experiment with the Builder throughout this entire development process. Decentraland’s Product Team has been holding some very informative testing sessions that are directly informing what the Builder does, and how it does it. Thank you to everyone that’s volunteered their time as testers!

If you haven’t already, don’t forget to sign up for the Creator Contest! We’re giving away some exciting prizes to whoever builds the coolest scenes. It’s easy, fun, and you might just see your creations deployed to the metaverse!

Correction: This post previously stated that the Builder supports scene arrangements in any shape. The first release will only support square and rectangular scene arrangements. Future releases will likely support other irregular parcel arrangements.