With a multi disciplinary exhibition with AI, Digital Painting, Self Portrait, Photoshop Painting, and more, Rarible brings their community works with key artists showcasing their pieces inside a space inspired by a giant beehive, bringing users to a surreal art experience in the metaverse. The featured artists are Dijiact, MazinFlow, Stephania Shakila, Custom Horror, 305kore, BADOATS, Jeff Sambuco and WTFSylvia.

Title: Mazincast Genesis - Ultimate Fantasy Console

Artist: Mazinflow

Title: SINISTER 03

Artist: Stephania shakila

Title: I. god is my pen pal

Artist: Custom Horror

Title: The Meloncholy

Artist: 305kore

Title: RACER

Artists: Supervillain !

Title: Hours Off

Artist: Jess Sambuco

Title: Keep Your Enemies Close

Artist: wtfsylvia