The Operator

Ania Catherine and Dejha Ti are a Berlin-based experiential artist duo who founded their art house Operator in 2016. Referred to as “the two critical contemporary voices on digital art’s international stages” (Clot Magazine) and “LGBT power couple” (Flaunt), their expertise collide in large-scale conceptual works recognizable for their signature poetic approach to technology. Ti’s background as an immersive artist and HCI technologist, and Catherine’s as a performance artist and choreographer make for a uniquely medium-fluent output–bringing together environments, technology and the body.

In fall 2021, the duo began a translation of their Lumen Prize-winning work “I’d rather be in a dark silence than” into the Privacy Collection, a durational release of works exploring the tension between privacy and transparency on the blockchain. They’ve been speakers at Christie’s Art+Tech Summit, Art Basel, BBC Click, Bloomberg ART+TECHNOLOGY, SXSW, Ars Electronica, and recognized by the Lumen Prize, S+T+ARTS Prize, and ADC Awards.

Artwork #1

Title : Attempt 6 (Attempts, Privacy Collection - Lot 00)

Duration: 01:04 (m:s)

Artwork #2

Title : Attempt 8 (Attempts, Privacy Collection - Lot 00)

Duration: 02:00 (m:s)

Artwork #3

Title : Attempt 9 (Attempts, Privacy Collection - Lot 00)

Duration: 02:00 (m:s)

Artist: Operator (Ania Catherine & Dejha Ti)

Year: 2022

Technique: Performance, 3D Avatar, Video, AI, Sound, Smart Contract/Key Pair, seedPoem Video Specifications: 2160x3840 (Resolution), 30 (fps)


“Attempts is the first lot from Operator’s Privacy Collection stemming from their Lumen Prize winning “I’d rather be in a dark silence than.” Each of the eleven unique works in the series is a choreographic attempt to establish online privacy (real or imagined). In this work, the body inhabits and hides inside a digital shell in the form of a translucent glass avatar, speaking to the pseudonymous nature of web3—pfps, usernames, wallet addresses—where one can ironically be known for being unknown.

Exploring the tension between privacy and transparency inherent to the blockchain, as well as the contradiction of self-expression and anonymity online, the work portrays an evolving attempt at alignment that is never achieved. The title of the series, Attempts, is rooted in the understanding that online privacy is nothing but a series of attempts. Each piece features an original score by Amon Tobin.

Brought by: Operator