Title: Intersecting Glitched Venus (Chronometric Digital Sculpture)

Artist: Marjan Moghaddam

Technique and Dimensions: This new figural work is derived from my widely acclaimed #GlitchGoddess #arhacks of Artfairs and art exhibitions in the last 5 years. As Chronometric Sculpture, this Venus explores the possibilities for digital bodies in the metaverse, artistically. Are biped legs in this liminal realm oriented towards gravity? Can bodies intersect themselves in unpredictable ways and as posing, and what is the meaning of this intersection within the self? What artistic possibilities exist for figural sculpture in the metaverse, as 21st century styles of figuration that speak to our transformation?

Concept: These were some of the questions I investigated through this piece, using the intersection as an inferential framework defining the interoception (one’s own body signaling) in this Venus. In my art practice glitch is to memetic and digital what mutation is to genetics. Her kinematic distortion is a result of a common rig glitch that occurs during retargeting, and the intersecting geometry and lores glitch texture also act as other forms of artifacting. Starting with these digital “accidents” in the studio, I continued to evolve this form in time, exploring how this intersection then evolves figuratively, conceptually, and artistically and what does it say about who and what we are becoming.

Curated by: CashLabs