From December 21–23, Xmas descends upon Decentraland with major festivities, spearheaded by a three-day Treasure Hunt. Without getting too heavy, it’s effectively a battle for the soul of Xmas, with Santa Claus himself making an appearance (yes, he has his own Decentraland avatar) and going up against the likes of the Grinch and the ‘anti-Xmas Spirit’.

Your job is to embark on daily quests, help Santa in his mission and pick up some very tasty treats in the form of guest artist wearables from the likes of

  • Jose Delbo
  • Fewocious
  • Bryan Blinkman
  • Jonathan Wolfe
  • KJ Walker

The mother of all Xmas parties

On December 23, to celebrate the end of Xmas Week, bid farewell to what can accurately described as the crappiest year in living memory and generally rock the foundations of the metaverse, superstar DJ/producer 3LAU performs at the all-new Kraken HQ.

It’s easily the biggest party in the history of Decentraland, so don’t miss out!
Add it to the calendar and register your interest at the event listing:

There are bound to be more announcements as we move closer to the date, so stay tuned for updates wherever you get your social media fix.