“NFTs exist so that the crypto grifters can have a new kind of magic bean to sell for actual money, and pretend they’re not selling magic beans.”

“Nobody ever changed the world by doing what everyone else was doing.”

The first quote is from Michael Burry of The Big Short fame. Clearly no fan of NFTs, Burry recently shared this missive on Twitter, stating in no uncertain terms what he thinks about the new digital phenomenon.

The second quote forms part of a digital artwork created by billionaire Mark Cuban who has wholeheartedly embraced NFTs, describing them as a “game changer” and is currently exploring using NFTs as tickets for his NBA team. As you do.

So, who to believe?

There’s no doubt that NFTs are making a huge impact in a range of industries, from art to music, to collectibles, sports and virtual real estate. And like any new technology that – let’s face it – takes a while to get your head around, there seem to be as many detractors as there are enthusiastic early adopters.

If, like many, you have more questions than answers, then Decentraland has the five-day NFT conference for you.

NFTs from A to Z

From April 5-9, Decentraland is hosting WTF are NFTs ???.

Live in the Crypto Valley Convention Center and hosted by DCL Blogger and Frankie Needles, pioneers and experts from Collectibles, Art, Music, Gaming and The Metaverse will take part in roundtable discussions on how NFTs are being employed in their specific industries, the opportunities and potential future developments.

Here’s the confirmed line-up so far…

Day 1: Monday 5th April – Collectibles

  • Logan – Digitibles
  • Steve Wand – OG collector
  • Dan – NonFungible.com
  • Leelin – Ubiquitous
  • Patricio – POAP

Day 2: Tuesday 6th April – Art

  • Nick Frontera – Jose Delbo
  • Pablo - Museum of Crypto Art
  • John Crain – SuperRare
  • David Moore – Known Origin
  • Yuna – OG Trash Artist
  • Twobadour - Metapurse
  • Coldie

Day 3: Wednesday 7th April – Music

  • RAC
  • 3LAU
  • Harrison First
  • Alison Wonderland
  • Kenna
  • Kristoman - Big Ligas

Day 4: Thursday 8th April – Gaming

  • Miles – Decentral Games
  • Robbie – Chain Guardians
  • Jason – Game Credits
  • Will – Metazone

Day 5: Friday 9th April – The Metaverse

  • Rizzle NFT42
  • Esteban Eordano - Decentraland
  • Ben Nolan - Crypto Voxels
  • Janine Yorio - Republic Real Estate
  • Michael Gord - GDA Capital

More guests are expected to confirm in the final days before kick-off, so stay tuned to the Events page, Decentraland Blog and Weekly Digest for more info.

But if you’re interested in NFTs, want to know more about them and how to get involved, RSVP NOW!