Today, we are pleased to give you the beta release of Decentraland’s LAND Manager!

What is it?

You can use the LAND Manager to view a two-dimensional grid map of all LAND parcels in Decentraland. The LAND Manager presents a high-level overview of individual parcels: you can see which parcels already have an owner, the public address of a parcel’s owner, which parcels belong to districts, and which parcels are dedicated to Decentraland’s road system.

Why a LAND Manager?

We want to give you a quick and easy way to visualize your LAND holdings in relation to the rest of Decentraland’s geography.

Most importantly, the LAND Manager allows you to view which parcels of LAND you own and gives you the ability to transfer that ownership to someone else, all on the main Ethereum network.

What if I don’t own any LAND?

You don’t have to own LAND to use the LAND Manager. Anyone with a MetaMask account can explore the layout of Decentraland.

Get Started

The LAND Manager is easy to use.

  • If you haven’t already, create an account with MetaMask or Mist, and log in. If you already own LAND, log in to the account you used during the Land Auction. We also provide support for the Ledger Nano S. Simply enable browser support on your device, plug it in, select the address you used during the auction, and unlock your wallet before loading the LAND Manager.
  • After you’re logged in to MetaMask or Mist, visit!
  • Try zooming in and out, or clicking and dragging on the map to change your view. You can also use the minimap in the bottom corner to move your perspective.
  • Expand the sidebar to get a rundown of the parcels you own and their coordinates.
  • You can use the LAND Manager to initiate LAND transactions conducted right on the main Ethereum network. Always verify the wallet address of your recipient when sending LAND to ensure that you send your LAND to the correct user.

For additional information and answers to common questions, check out our documentation.

Please remember that this is a beta release, and the LAND Manager might contain a few bugs. We kindly ask that you protect your personal information, property, and content. If you run into any issues or would like to provide feedback, click on the Intercom Widget right in the LAND Manager.