The Decentraland Marketplace is expanding its service beyond LANDs and Estates, welcoming buyers and sellers of Decentraland NFTs, like wearables and Avatar names.

To celebrate the launch of the new Marketplace, we’re holding a four-day trading contest where you can score special edition NFTs. The three traders who transact the highest-grossing volume of MANA will win special unique Decentraland NFTs.

Exclusive NFTs to be won

The top three wallets found to transact the highest-grossing volume of MANA during the four days of the contest will win limited edition Decentraland NFTs.

  • First prize for highest volume of MANA transacted: Four premium LANDs + One-of-a-kind ‘Unique’ NFT for your Avatar.
  • Second prize: Three premium LANDs + ‘Mythic’ NFT for your Avatar (max 10 in existence)
  • Third prize: Two premium LANDs + ‘Legendary’ NFT for your Avatar (max 100 in existence)

A better way to buy and sell

To date, the ‘Old Marketplace’ – which we’re retaining at for those who want to use all the LAND management tools – has transacted (USD):

Secondary Trades: $16,506,715
Auctions: $33,309,479

A total of $49,816,194.

Check out the full data here

With the launch of the new and improved Marketplace and the addition of NFTs, that figure is set to rise dramatically, as people can now do their buying and selling of all things Decentraland in one place.

The event kicks off at midnight on February 18 and runs until 23:59 on Feb 21, 2020, so brush up on your haggling skills and get ready for some serious trading. Check out the new Decentraland Marketplace here and your position in the leaderboard here