Today, we are very excited to launch the first two public polls on Decentraland Agora, our community voting platform!

What are we voting on?

Last week, we introduced the new and improved Agora version 2.0, along with an overview of the first two questions being posed to the community:

Should we remove the ability to pause MANA transactions?

We originally built a security feature into the smart contract for MANA that enables all transfers of the token to be paused, or halted, for a period of time. We included this feature purely as a precaution, but now that MANA has successfully been in circulation for over a year, and with the vast number of audits the OpenZeppelin smart contracts have received, we feel confident in removing the Pause() function. However, before doing so, we wanted to gather feedback from you.

Do you think that we should keep this safety feature?

  • Voting yes shows your support to remove the pause feature from the MANA smart contract.
  • Voting no shows your support to keep the pause feature.

When should the next LAND auction be held?

The first LAND auction that we held last year was a great success, but there are still 9,000 unowned parcels of LAND that we want to make available to the community. In order to provide everyone with an equal opportunity to purchase unowned LAND, we are going to hold a second LAND auction sometime in Q4 of 2018 or Q1 of 2019.

When do you think we should hold the next LAND auction?

  • Q4 2018?
  • Q1 2019?

How do I vote?

Voting in Agora is incredibly simple. All you need is a MetaMask, Mist, or Ledger wallet with an account containing some MANA.

Start by navigating to

Please make sure that you are logged into your unlocked MetaMask, Mist, or Ledger wallet and have selected the account containing your Decentraland MANA.

Your vote in Agora is weighted according to the amount of MANA you have in your wallet. The more MANA you hold, the more your vote counts toward the final results.

On Agora’s homepage, you will find a list of different questions. All of the District Polls listed are closed now (these were held several months ago to help District contributors establish their leadership teams and startup plans).

The two open polls are listed as questions under Decentraland Polls.

Click the question you want to vote on. You will see a description of the issue, along with some descriptive statistics:

  • Token: This is the token used to determine the weight of your vote. All Decentraland Polls are weighted using MANA.
  • Total Voted: This is the amount of MANA, added up between all of the voters, that has been staked in the poll. Remember, you don’t spend any MANA when voting. The amount of MANA you have simply determines how much your vote counts.
  • Total Votes: This is the total number of users, or individual wallet addresses, that have voted so far.
  • Time Left: How much time is left before the poll will close. You can change your vote at any time before the polls close.

Beneath these stats, you will find a bar showing the live results, along with a list of the public wallet addresses that have voted.

To vote, click Cast Your Vote, select the decision you want to support for the poll, and click Vote Now.

If you don’t have any MANA in your wallet, or if you have the wrong wallet selected, the Vote Now button will be greyed out and you will see the warning “You don’t have any MANA”. Double check your wallet and account, before trying again.

Don’t forget, you can change your vote at any time as long as the polls are still open!

Your vote counts!

In our first announcement for version 2.0 of Agora, we explained that the results from these first two polls are not necessarily binding. The development team will take the results into consideration as they move forward in building the Decentraland platform.

However, our ultimate goal is to make Decentraland a fully decentralized, autonomous organization. This process of consensus building takes time, and as the platform and community grow together, we will be able to take more and more steps toward full decentralization.

Thank you for being a part of our community, and happy voting!