We are very excited to share that the Decentraland LAND auction has successfully come to a close!

All 9,331 remaining parcels were purchased, amounting to a total of 109,521,854 MANA burned, or roughly $6.6 million USD.

The very last unowned parcel was purchased on December 23rd, 2018, at 3:35PM GMT, for a final bidding price of 6,800 MANA. Overall, the average price per parcel during the auction was 11,737 MANA, with a median price of 12,122 MANA.

Ensuring that every remaining unowned LAND token be distributed fairly and securely has been one of our biggest objectives. So, the conclusion of the Auction marks an exciting milestone for our community.

Helping creators and diversifying content

During the Auction, Decentraland burned 15 million MANA on unowned LAND. This is part of a larger effort to better enable as many content creators as possible to join the Decentraland platform. For many developers and artists new to the Ethereum ecosystem, obtaining LAND can present considerable friction.

Our aim is to reduce this barrier of entry by setting aside some of the unowned LAND during the Auction for these creators. This will help us guarantee a greater diversity and level of quality in the content hosted in Genesis City, improving everybody’s experience in-world.

What’s next?

Our primary objective is to support the growth of Decentraland as a platform, and as a community.

The largest catalyst for this growth is the Decentraland SDK, which contains the API, tools, and documentation that developers need to build the interactive 3D content that can be hosted on LAND.

We see the SDK as the true cornerstone of Genesis City, and have our attention focused on expanding it to make it more robust, and more accessible - for both developers and general users alike.

The Decentraland team would like to thank the entire community, and all of our partners, for participating in this second auction. We are excited for the year ahead, and look forward to building Decentraland together.

Happy Holidays!