As of 12:00 AM, April 1st, Eastern Daylight Time, the Creator Contest has come to a close, and we are no longer accepting submissions.

It’s been an exciting two weeks, and Decentraland would like to thank everyone who joined in and helped to make the Creator Contest such a roaring success.

Your submissions are now being judged, and in just a couple of weeks we will announce the five finalists and distribute the LAND and MANA prizes to the fifty top builders. We’ll also distribute the 100 MANA rewards for each qualifying scene. There is a lot of content to review, so we appreciate your patience in the days ahead.

Creator Contest Recap

In total, over 4,000 active builders participated in the contest, submitting a whopping 9,000 scenes! These 9,000 scenes amount to a total of approximately 45,000 different LAND parcels that have been filled with some incredible user-built content.

One of the objectives of the Creator Contest was to help further the development of Genesis City so that upon the Client’s launch later this year, the community would have access to an expansive landscape.

We’re still going over the numbers, but these rough figures show that Genesis City has grown from having less than 1% of all privately owned LAND developed to well over 50%! This next quarter, we’re launching a new version of the SDK and a lineup of improved Builder features to help content creators like you take your scenes from static to interactive.

Another milestone reached, and passed

Over a year ago, Decentraland began as an experiment in virtual real estate made possible by cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens. However, the evolution of the underlying tech and the growth of Decentraland’s community has turned the project into something much more: an open platform for three dimensional, user-generated content. A virtual world built and owned by its inhabitants.

The Creator Contest marks yet another milestone on the path to building this virtual world.

The first terraform event back in 2017 demonstrated how much interest there was in such a platform, and 2018’s second LAND auction only cemented the community’s commitment to realizing the goal of redefining how 3D content can be created and shared.

The number of participants and the caliber of submissions in the Creator Contest gives us a very real and exciting glimpse of Decentraland’s bright future.

What about the partner contests?

Today also marks the end of our partner contests with HTC EXODUS, Bittrex, and CoinGecko!

We’d like to extend a heartfelt thanks to these teams for helping with the Creator Contest, and for their generous offer to help reward you for your submissions.

Bittrex will be judging and announcing their chosen winner in the next few weeks. As for HTC and CoinGecko, our judges will be helping them to select the recipients of their offered prizes.

What’s next for the Builder?

The Builder is still a young tool, and there are some very busy months ahead as we work to extend its functionality.

Right now, the Builder excels at helping you to create static content for your scenes, but we want to make things a little more lively by enabling the creation of dynamic content. There are a few different shapes that this might take, but you can look forward to support for animated content in a near-future release of the Builder.

The ability to deploy your creations to the world so that others can see and experience them is also one of Decentraland’s top priorities. This is directly tied to the launch of the Client, the web and mobile interface that will allow you to view and interact with Decentraland’s content.

Bridging these gaps between the Builder, LAND, and the Client is our main objective for the coming year. In the meantime we have a slurry of updates planned for the Builder to make your creation workflow faster, smoother, and (most importantly) more fun.

Stay tuned, and keep on building!