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Hopefully you’re all keeping well out there. The team has been busy fixing, tweaking and updating various elements in our virtual world. Here’s the latest…

World & Platform

  • New feature for Friends & Private Messaging released soon
  • To improve rendering speed and stability, we’re improving conversion from GTLF to Asset Bundles in order
  • We’re working on adding a DB to the Content Server to support Garbage Collection of unused content

Builder & Marketplace

  • Kick-started the new Builder UI with land management and scene analytics


  • New map released
  • Support for video streaming added shortly
  • Support for more fonts added shortly
  • Docs site restructured with new docs for the Builder and Marketplace
  • Several bugs with scene loading and parenting of entities fixed

Until the next update – which we promise not to leave as long – hit us up on Discord if you have any questions or issues.