With the next exciting phase of Decentraland upon us, we’re establishing a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) to determine all future LAND updates, including contract upgrades, supply expansions, dates of future auctions to accommodate said supply expansions, LAND marketplace fees for primary and secondary sales, management of abandoned or relinquished LANDs and more.

Imagining the worst…

However, there’s more to owning LAND upgrades than just adding more functionality. Sometimes (though hopefully never), it will be necessary to do an emergency upgrade of the LAND contract to fix a bug. For example, let’s say there was a bug in a contract that allowed someone to steal LAND from another user. If we were to create a vote on the Decentraland DAO to solve the issue and someone detects that the only change is a bug fix it would be like pointing out how to exploit the bug to continue stealing LAND.

If such a situation were to occur, we’d need a vastly more effective and secure solution.

… to secure the future

Aside from the DAO, we think there should be a group of people tasked with preventing and handling security issues on LAND and Estate contracts. This group of people, which we’re calling the Security Advisory Board, will effectively act as guarantors of contract security, tasked with the job of providing swift response to bug reports.

The Security Advisory Board will be able to quickly upgrade the smart contract implementation of the LAND and Estate contracts, and replace it with a bug-free version upon receiving a responsible disclosure bug report. Responsible disclosures follow this protocol.

How the Security Advisory Board works

All contract updates must be unanimous, so the multisig governing updates will require at least three signatories, with no votes against, in order to upgrade the LAND.

The Board will comprise several expert entities or individuals initially chosen by the Decentraland team. Members can be changed by the Aragon DAO—a vote must be started to remove or install a new member.