Decentraland is a collection of experiences (like the Marketplace, the Builder, and the SDK, to name a few) that all have roots in blockchain and crypto.

LAND parcels are non-fungible tokens. They’re one of the most heavily traded crypto-collectibles out there. MANA, Decentraland’s cryptocurrency is used to buy LAND, vote in Agora, and eventually will fulfill all of your economic needs in the virtual world. The Decentraland platform itself is opening up a whole new world of uses for rare, digital assets and cryptocurrencies.

A key component that you need to tie all of this exciting new tech together is your cryptocurrency wallet.

A safe and easy way to manage your virtual assets

We’re proud to announce that the recently launched Dapper Wallet is the latest wallet supported by Decentraland!

Dapper was built by the folks who created CryptoKitties, so it’s easy, safe, and fun to use. You’ll find everything you need, right where you expect it.

In addition to our integration with Dapper Wallet, we’re excited to announce the release of Picture Frames, the latest feature to hit the Builder!

What are Picture Frames?

Picture Frames is the latest addition to Decentraland’s Builder. They allow you to insert a two-dimensional depiction of a non-fungible token directly into your scene.

This is the first step toward integrating crypto-collectibles into Decentraland’s scene building experience.

Right now, CryptoKitties are the only collectibles that work with Picture Frames, but we are excited to extend support to many other collectibles that people want to upload to their scenes. Have one in particular that you want to show off? Let us know in Intercom or on Discord!

Where can you find Picture Frames?

Navigate to, log in with your new Dapper wallet, and scroll down the Item Drawer until you see Picture Frames.

What you can look forward to with Dapper

Dapper offers more than just a slick dApp to manage your virtual stuff. If you use Dapper with Decentraland, you’ll be given free gas for all of your Decentraland transactions, but that’s not all:

  • Easy account recovery: no need to panic over lost pass phrases. Dapper’s safe and secure account recovery is here to save the day.
  • Buy crypto with your credit card: Dapper makes the process of getting your first cryptocurrencies fast and painless with their credit card support.
  • Exclusive perks: people who use Dapper get exclusive drops and rewards in all of their connected dApps.

Sign up for Dapper today!

Correction: a previous version of this post mentioned some free CryptoKitties. These special kittens are on the way, but they aren’t ready yet. Hang tight, and we’ll let you know as soon as they are!