Today’s the day!

We’re beyond excited to share the first public release of the Builder. We’ve added everything you need to start designing three-dimensional environments for Decentraland’s virtual world.

There’s no need to own LAND or hold MANA to use the Builder. You don’t have to be a whiz coder, and no 3D modeling experience is required.

Anyone can jump in and start landscaping parcels and estates right away.

So, what are you waiting for? Start building!

Welcome to a more open Decentraland

Decentraland is a virtual world owned by its users. It opens up an exciting new realm of user-created 3D experiences - all hosted on an open platform. Say goodbye to monthly fees, and say hello to more original content, games, apps, and art.

We want to make Decentraland more accessible, for everyone. We want to make 3D creation more accessible, for everyone.

But most importantly, we want to make Decentraland and scene building more fun.

We don’t expect the Builder to take the place of an editor (we’ll always have the SDK for the most robust 3D content creation tasks), but we do expect the Builder to provide a delightful and creative play experience.

Decentraland is a space for creativity, so it only made sense to make more creative tools for people of all skill levels and backgrounds. Decentraland is a space for all of us - it is a world owned by its users, after all - and we want the Builder to enable the expression of everyone’s ideas, quickly.

Win MANA and LAND with the Builder

Today also marks the beginning of the Creator Contest!

Filling Genesis City with colorful landscapes made by people like you is big motivation behind the Builder. The judge panel (including some of the industry’s top designers, directors, and artists), will pick fifty of the best scenes submitted to the contest to be hosted

What can you win?

Decentraland is giving away a total of 900K MANA and 50 different parcels of LAND to people who create truly inspiring scenes with the Builder. That’s over $50,000 USD worth of prizes!

We’ve broken down the grand prizes as follows:

  • 1st place: 200000 MANA
  • 2nd place: 150000 MANA
  • 3rd place: 100000 MANA
  • 4th place: 50000 MANA
  • 5th place: 25000 MANA

Each of the top five finalists will also be given some premium LAND in locations yet to be announced!

The rest of the forty five creators will be awarded 7500 MANA and parcels of LAND.

You can submit up to 20 different scenes. Of those twenty, the first ten that you submit might qualify for a 100 MANA reward. That’s up to 1000 MANA you could earn for scenes meeting some pretty basic quality and creativity standards.

How do you submit your scenes?

It’s really easy.

When you’re done with your scene, click purple Submit to contest button in the upper right corner of the Builder’s toolbar and we’ll walk you through the submission process. We just need some contact info (in case your scene is picked as a winner!) and a few details about your creation.

You can learn all about the Creator Contest and the judges that’ll be looking at your scenes at

Go start building!