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Soon we’ll be opening applications to the Mini-Games Creators Program – a joint initiative between Matic and Decentraland to fill the metaverse with cool multiplayer games and experiences.

Creators will be able to apply for a grant of up to $6k USD worth of MANA/MATIC per team.

On top of the initial grant, creators will qualify for a series of prizes based on the performance of their creations, including:

  • Mini-game with the most active users
  • Mini-game with the highest retention rate
  • Most events hosted (with at least X people)
  • Most MANA transacted
  • Community Reward: selected by the community as the best experience

Put the SDK to the test

Eligible creators should create mini-games that make the best use of the Decentraland SDK. Projects should be able to be completed in two months and need to be multiplayer and competitive, for example:

  • First-person shooters
  • Arcade games
  • Quizzes
  • Escape rooms
  • Tower defense
  • Work simulators
  • Sports
  • ‘Capture the flag’

Note: MATIC and Decentraland reserve the right to expand the program further than the two months time frame for overachieving teams.

Raising the bar

It’s also worth noting that creators of scenes own the IP, but some of the game mechanics will be open-sourced.

As our platform progresses we want to enable more and better out-of-the-box tools for content creators so that they can create better in-game experiences that really engage people. The Decentraland Foundation is working towards this goal creating some of the most important underlying game mechanics that will ultimately make creator’s work easier and let them focus on the important things of creating games rather than building everything from scratch.


There are certain requirements applicants should meet to be eligible for a grant:

  • Projects should be attainable in 2 months
  • Experiences need to be multiplayer and competitive
  • Experiences need to be developed using the Decentraland SDK.
  • Experiences need to make use of Matic’s Network in some or other way.

Application Process

All aspirants to the Creator Grants should send a proposal email to creators@decentraland.org, detailing these points:

  • Overall Idea
  • Team
  • Portfolio
  • Roadmap and Deliverables
  • What you need from Decentraland

All Content Creator Grants applicants are subject to the first round of evaluation from the content committee. Provided this committee finds the applicants a good fit for the creator grants the proposals will be initially published on the Decentraland Forum to be evaluated by the community. Later down the road, this decision process will be handled by the DAO.

After the first round of approval, applicants will need to present a delivery calendar that details deliverables for each milestone.

Apply now! Send your proposal to creators@decentraland.org