Only a couple of weeks after SuperRare joined, MakersPlace has also added its entire inventory to the Decentraland Marketplace. Featuring authentic and truly unique digital creations that are digitally signed and verified through the blockchain, MakersPlace is host to some of the world’s finest and truly rare digital artworks.

Devotees of the Decentraland Weekly Wrap-Up (we know you’re out there) will recall that MakersPlace made headlines recently with its José Delbo exhibition, which was the highest earning opening for any artist on the MakersPlace site. Delbo’s piece, The Last Son of Krypton Fights for Humankind, sold for over $8k USD – a record for MakersPlace.

José Delbo is just one of the many brilliant creators featured on MakersPlace – and now the Decentraland Marketplace. You can access the entire inventory and trade artworks using MANA. A 2.5% fee will be charged on top of all trades and will be burned.

Check out the MakersPlace VR Gallery in Decentraland which was a hit at the recent Art Week. Or head straight to the Decentraland Marketplace and get trading!