Always wanted to create your own fashion house in the metaverse? Fancy yourself as a Ver(tual)sace, ArMANA-i or… well anyway, your dreams just took a huge step forward.

With the arrival of the Wearables Editor, you can now organize, publish, and mint wearables for the community to purchase and flaunt throughout Decentraland.

Better still, the minting process happens on the Polygon sidechain, a scaling solution that allows you to bring your creations to life with negligible gas fees.

The Wearables Editor is the feature I have been most eager to try in Decentraland. The ability to quickly upload, test and publish almost any type of wearable at any price, will open the door to a wide range of creators – JP, 3D Artist

Create your collection

Having signed into Decentraland, navigate to and click on a new menu item called ‘Collections’. Within this section you can begin uploading your wearable items.

The Editor allows you to name items, model wearables on an avatar, assign categories and item rarity, and set a price for each item in your collections.

For a full rundown of wearables, and how to create, edit, and publish them, head to the Decentraland Docs.

Publish your collection

Once you’re happy with the details, you can publish your item or collection which then goes to the Curation Committee for approval.

The Curation Committee was voted in place by the DAO, and exists to prevent buggy or offensive wearables from appearing in Decentraland.

Read more about the committee and the approvals process in the documentation.

While there is no gas cost for minting wearables on Polygon, there are fees for publishing wearable items in the Editor. These fees are intended to discourage and reduce wearable “spam”, which can have a negative impact on the performance of the Decentraland Platform.

The publication fee is still being decided upon by the Decentraland DAO. Once that fee has been agreed upon, you will be able to publish your wearables. All publication fees are sent to the DAO, where they can help fund grants and other community initiatives. You can vote and add your voice to the discussion about fees on the DAO.

The publication fee, the Curation Committee, and the wearable acceptance criteria are not forever set in stone. Community wearables are a new and exciting component of the Decentraland platform, but the ways in which they are moderated and approved can be adjusted according to the desire of the greater Decentraland community through the DAO.

Monetize your wearables

Once your wearables have been approved you are then able to mint them. This is the process of issuing the NFT tokens that are bought, sold, and transferred on the Polygon sidechain. You can set the number you want to mint according to the rarity and then, once minted, put them up for sale on the marketplace, save them for later, or give them to a friend. It’s up to you.

“The new wearable editor allows anyone to put their own spin on their avatars and to share it with others. Plus, using Polygon, it’s easier (and cheaper!) than ever as transactions are confirmed almost instantly with almost negligible gas fees. We’re excited to see what the community comes up with” – Nico Santangelo, dApps Tech Lead, Decentraland Foundation