It’s been a long time coming, but as of today voice chat is now available in the Decentraland experience. With the forthcoming Xmas Week Treasure Hunt, 3LAU DJ live set and New Year’s Eve celebrations, the new feature has dropped at precisely the right time.

Initially released as a Beta feature, voice chat will be enabled for all users – verified and unverified names.

You’ll see tooltips in-world to educate you about voice chat. New users can expect a step-by-step guide added to their on-boarding tutorial.

Getting started with voice chat

To start talking to other players in Decentraland, simply press and hold T while talking into your microphone while in Decentraland’s Explorer.

Your browser might ask for permission to access your computer’s microphone in a popup.

If you don’t see a popup in your browser and are still having trouble with voice chat, check your browser’s settings. Microphone permissions for individual sites can usually be accessed under privacy or security settings, depending on whether you use Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or something else entirely.

With voice chat, you’ll be able to hear other players who are near you. To see a list of these players, just click the Player dropdown menu under your minimap.

For some peace and quiet, you can mute all players with the toggle by Mute Everyone. If there are specific players you want to mute, simply click the microphone icon near their name in the Player list.

You can adjust your voice chat settings through the Settings panel. Just click the cog icon in the bottom right corner of the Explorer and select General.

Here, you can specify a certain subset of players that you want to hear through voice chat. You can choose between All users, Verified users, or even just Friends.

To adjust the volume of other players’ voices, simply drag the slider under Voice Chat.

That’s it!

Additional settings should be added in the future for finer control over voice chat, but for now dive into Decentraland for a little holiday caroling!

There are more cool events coming soon that will allow you to properly test out voice chat, so stay tuned to the Events page and Blog for more details.