The Decentraland Marketplace is now available for mobile devices!

Our mobile Marketplace includes all of the same features and benefits accessible from the desktop Marketplace, but now allows you to browse, buy, sell, and mange LAND while on the go.

All you have to do is select your DApp browser of choice from one of our partners, unlock your wallet, and visit

What is the Decentraland Marketplace?

Last week, we announced the Marketplace as our first platform for exchanging LAND tokens, the non-fungible tokens representing the 10 meter by 10 meter parcels of virtual space in Genesis City.

Our Marketplace allows you to publish LAND for sale, purchase LAND parcels from other users, assign names and descriptions to your parcels, transfer LAND between users, manage your LAND contributions to districts, and explore the world using the Atlas.

The Marketplace is Transparent and Secure

The Marketplace is a fully decentralized application built using Ethereum smart contracts, giving you a completely trustless exchange for LAND.

We don’t act as a middleman, and beyond the standard gas payment required for every transaction conducted on the Ethereum blockchain, you don’t have to pay any surplus trading fees.

Most importantly, we’ve removed any counterparty risk by designing the Marketplace to facilitate atomic swaps — transactions that are only finalized if both parties fulfil their obligation before a timer expires. All of the code for the Marketplace is open source, transparent, and continually updated.

How do I use the Marketplace on my mobile device?

Both iOS and Android users can get up and running with the mobile Marketplace by using one of our three web3 DApp browser partners: Cipher, Toshi, and TrustWallet!


  • Start by installing the Cipher Browser from the Apple App Store or Google Play
  • Open Cipher, and navigate to your settings by tapping the gear icon to import your wallet
  • One you’ve imported and unlocked your wallet, return to the browser and navigate to


  • Install Toshi from the Apple App Store or Google Play
  • Open the Toshi app, and tap “Sign in” if you already have a wallet that you want to use with the Marketplace. Otherwise you can create a new wallet by tapping “Create a new account”
  • Tap “Dapps”, and navigate to via the Dapp URL bar


  • Install TrustWallet from the Apple App Store or Google Play
  • Open the TrustWallet app, and tap “Create Wallet” if you don’t already have a wallet
  • If you already have a wallet that you want to use with the Marketplace, tap “Import Wallet”
  • Once you’ve imported your wallet, tap “Browser” and navigate to

What next?

There is complete feature parity between the mobile and desktop versions of our Marketplace. For a more detailed overview of how to use the Marketplace, please refer to our video tutorial.