We are very excited to announce our latest collaboration with the team behind CryptoCarz, the world’s first blockchain-enabled VR racing experience.

What is CryptoCarz?

CryptoCarz is a multiplayer, VR racing game being built on the backbone of the Ethereum network by the team at BlockChain Studios. With every car represented by a non-fungible token, you have complete ownership and control over your garage of collectible cars - they’re just as much fun to show off to your friends as they are to race (well, almost).

BlockChain Studios believes that blockchain tech will be instrumental in gaming, especially when combined it with VR and esports.

With that goal in mind, BlockChain Studios plans to simultaneously give players control over their in-game assets, build a more immersive racing experience, and cater their game to competitive players in the esports community (both enthusiasts and professionals alike).

What does CryptoCarz look like right now?

Initially, CryptoCarz is building 20 different car models with each car based on one of the most popular cryptocurrencies. There will be 650 different (and verifiably scarce) units of each model. Every car possess several characteristics determining its speed, acceleration, and handling.

Some of the game modes that Blockchain Studios has planned include single player time trails, multiplayer races between friends, practice mode, and a “garage”, or wallet, where players can admire and show off their virtual supercars.

Where can I drive my car in Decentraland?

We’re working alongside the BlockChain Studios team to build a dedicated racetrack in Genesis City where you will be able to race your CryptoCarz.

In Decentraland, you’ll be able to drive your cars in traditional drag races and different course configurations. Race against your friends or total strangers!

While we’re still-fine tuning some of the gameplay mechanics, success in CryptoCarz will require expert timing, handling skills, and selecting the best cryptocurrency to “power” your car.

We’re excited to see the future of CryptoCarz on the Decentraland platform!

Where can I learn more about CryptoCarz?