The advent of blockchain tech and crypto-collectibles has kicked off a new era for trading card games, and few are as fun to play as CryptoBeasties, the new blockchain-based trading card game featuring exotic beasts and characters that players can collect, trade, and play with.

The whole team here at Decentraland is eager to announce that we’ll be collaborating with CryptoBeasties to build a Decentraland integration for their game, bringing your Beasties right into the metaverse!

What is CryptoBeasties?

Trading cards have been a favorite with gamers for decades.

There’s something uniquely captivating and rewarding about seeking out and collecting rare items. Trading card games combined this classic pastime with the more social and competitive mechanics of a game. Many of us grew up with these kinds of games, like Pokemon, Digimon, and Magic cards, so we were all immediately excited to see how crypto would evolve the genre (pun intended).

The team behind CryptoBeasties was just as excited about the potential of crypto-collectibles, but they felt that the first crypto games were lacking the fun and engaging experience provided by real trading cards.

They saw slow, clunky interfaces and a lack of immersion and interaction. So, they set to work building CryptoBeasties, a game still centered on collectibles, but far more social, more engaging, and (most importantly) more fun to play.

How does CryptoBeasties work?

CryptoBeasties is a blockchain-based trading card game (or TCG). This means that each card you add to your deck is owned by you and nobody else. The scarcity of digital items made possible by non-fungible tokens (NFTs) also means that your rare cards are actually rare (and more valuable).

We know that these attributes might not be new to people already familiar with other crypto-collectibles (but if they are, we highly recommend reading our blogpost on how NFTs are changing online gaming).

CryptoBeasties stands out with its easily accessible and immediately engaging game mechanics. CryptoBeasties is making it easier than ever to discover, acquire, and trade crypto-collectibles, building out your preferred deck.

As you build a bigger deck of Beasties, you can form individual squads of three with complementary powers. The goal is to build the strongest squad that you can! These trios can then be pitted against other players’ squads (or even an AI) to gain experience and strengthen your Beasties.

While a lot of other crypto TCGs allow you to customize your cards, CryptoBeasties lets you give specific Beasties different combinations of skills and powers as they level up. For example, Water Boars are normally super slow, defensive-minded Beasties, but if you add to his Speed skill every time he levels up and embed a Flying Attack “Power Stone”, you might create the only superfast, flying Water Boar in the game!

What does this mean for Decentraland?

One of the biggest problems the CryptoBeasties team saw with most crypto-collectible games was a lack of immersive and social gameplay. While it’s fun to collect and customize cute, digital creatures, they wanted to build a game that was more competitive, required more communication and collaboration, and provided room to grow.

We are extremely eager to help build an integration with Decentraland, making CryptoBeasties even more immersive.

Within the Decentraland Client, players will be able to get up-close and personal with their Beasties, making the battles that much more intense.

Decentraland also makes it possible to return to one of the biggest appeals of physical trading card games — spontaneous duels with your friends!

You’ll be able to carry your customized deck of Beasties with you wherever you go in Genesis City. If you see another person tagged as a CryptoBeasties player, you’ll be able to run up and challenge them to a duel. Or, you could coordinate larger tournaments in one of the many locations of Genesis City.

We’ve got a few ideas of what this might look like in-world: players may be teleported to a temporary, isolated “arena” either on a separate parcel or a platform floating in the sky. These arenas could be kept publicly available to spectators or friends of the players. Another option we’re considering is limiting the public duels to roads and plazas. Since Decentraland is still under construction (and so is CryptoBeasties) we want to explore a few options to make sure that we deliver the best experience possible.

How soon can I see CryptoBeasties in Decentraland?

The CryptoBeasties team is first building a robust 2D experience that you can sign up for here. They’re planning on holding a presale this month, so get ready! Later this fall, they intend to have built an alpha version of the card game, and a 3D/VR experience shortly after with a projected launch in coordination with the Decentraland Client.

Learn more about CryptoBeasties

You can learn more about CryptoBeasties, and get involved with their community through: