We’ve recently partnered with Axie Infinity to bring the world of Axies right into Decentraland! The Axie game in Decentraland sends players on a scavenger hunt across Genesis City in search of the three hidden Axie mascots. Successful players will be able to earn tokenized rewards from the Axie universe.

What are Axies?

Axies are digital pets that you can collect, raise, and pit against other Axies in battle. Each Axie is a unique crypto-collectible, represented by a non-fungible, ERC721 token. This gives you total control and ownership over your Axies.

There are currently six different classes of Axies, each possessing different characteristics and attributes: beast, plant, bug, bird, reptile, and aquatic.

The different combinations of parts and classes create a wide range of different Axies with varying skills and abilities that measured by their stats: hit points (HP), speed, skill, and morale.


You can assemble squads of up to three different Axies that can be sent into battle against other players. If you win in battle, your Axies can earn experience points that contribute to their evolution and improved stats. As you battle your Axies, improving their stats and experience, they will gradually become more valuable - making them more fun and engaging than most crypto-collectibles. You can learn more about Axie battles here.


If you have two or more Axies, you can breed them to introduce new, unusual (and potentially more powerful) Axies. By picking and choosing different Axies with complementary characteristics, you can create rare creatures to enter into battle, or sell in the Axie Marketplace.

Collect and sell Axies on the Marketplace

You can use the Axie Marketplace to buy, sell, and trade your Axies. The Marketplace provides a safe and secure platform where you can look for new Axies to add to your squad, or introduce your rare Axies back into the ecosystem for other players to breed with their own Axies. For more info on collecting Axies, check out their blog.

Upcoming features

The next stage of the Axie experience will include Terrariums - unique habitats where your Axies can live. Each Terrarium will be built using an NFT, allowing you to customize it with various items and upgrades – all of which will contribute to the health and evolution of your Axies.

The Axie Infinity team is also in the process of building a story mode, adding a depth to the Axie experience and increasing your bond with your Axie pets.

What will the Axie experience look like in Decentraland?

The three original Axie mascots, Puff, Kotaro, and Ginger are scattered throughout Decentraland’s Genesis City, and it’s your job to find them!

Players will see different Axie totem poles built on various parcels and plazas, each totem providing riddles that players can solve for clues pointing the way toward the Axie mascots

You have to own at least one Axie in order to see and follow the clues, but if you don’t - the totems double as access points to the Axie Egg Shop and Axie Marketplace.

Introducing the Axie Infinity team

The founders of Axie Infinity come from the early CryptoKitties community where Trung, Axie’s CEO, helped decode the Kitty genome.

While playing CryptoKitties, Axie’s founders shared a common frustration about the limited gameplay provided by most crypto-collectibles. So, in January of 2018, they decided to build their own rendition of a crypto-collectible based game, with more complex and engaging gameplay.

Thus, Axie Infinity was born. After minting the first run of Axies, they held a pre-sale from Feb to April, raising 1000 ETH that would fund the growth of their team and expand the Axie experience. The Axie Infinity battle system launched in early October, and their community has already racked up over 60,000 battles.

They first started by building the core Axie experience, allowing players to breed, buy, and sell their Axies. Shortly after, they introduced battles and the ability to level up and evolve Axies (creating one of the first upgradable ERC721 smart contracts in the process).

Since last spring, the Axie Infinity team has been hard at work adding features and complexity to the Axie experience, with the Decentraland integration one of the latest expansions of the Axie universe.

Learn more about Axie Infinity!