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As of today, there’s a new naming system for Decentraland. It leverages the Ethereum Name Service and gives claimed names full control of the name subdomain, bringing the Decentraland ecosystem one step closer towards a fully decentralized experience.

What are the advantages of the new system?

The current name system is based on a custom contract that has a number of limitations, including only one name per address, the inability to transfer your name in case you want to change your wallet, and the identity system based on Auth0 was a single point of failure for all authentications being made on Decentraland. This new system:

  • Converts all names to an ERC721 token, so you can transfer it as you would any of your other NFTs. These tokens will be tradable by the launch.
  • Integrates fully with the Ethereum Name System, so that you can now ask people to send you MANA and other tokens to, for example, ‘jane.dcl.eth’. ENS is integrated with many other dApps and wallets out there
  • The code has been independently audited. It’s written so that the erc721 tokens can’t be stolen, and it’s not an upgradeable contract. The ownership of this contract will be sent to the DAO shortly.

What do I have to do to use this new system?

There is no action needed. The migration finished today and if you have beta access, the change should not have affected you. As always, one can claim a name at avatars.decentraland.org. Claimed names (both before and after this change) are now represented by an ENS address under the dcl.eth domain. For instance, if you registered the name Hiro, you will be in control of hiro.dcl.eth.

Additionally, these names will be tradable in the new Marketplace experience to be released shortly. After our Public Launch on 20.02.2020, anybody will be able to explore Decentraland, yet names will remain a key element of identity.

In the meantime, if you have any questions hit us up on Discord.