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In the last few days, we flicked the switch on a brand new layer of communication that significantly enhances social relationships in Decentraland.

It sits on top of an already developed technology called Matrix.org. Matrix is an open standard for interoperable, decentralized, real-time communications.

This new capability enables:

  • players to send a friend request to another player from their passport profile
  • players to see a list of other players that are their friends
  • friends to message each other through encrypted and decentralized communication channels
  • friends to see when each other friends are online and teleport to their locations

Why not try out the new features in the recently revamped Genesis Plaza? So many new users have entered Decentraland this year, with more and more coming in each day.

Check out upcoming events to get involved and get social at https://events.decentraland.org/

Just the beginning…

We’re ramping up development on a number of social features that will fundamentally change the social experience in the metaverse, such as creating chat groups, gifting your friends with NFTs and tokens, and in-world trading of assets. We can’t wait to bring them to you.

If you have any questions about the new features, don’t hesitate to drop us a line on Discord.