It may have been the final Game Jam for 2020 but judging by the energy and imagination invested, this was a creator event as important as any other on the Decentraland calendar.

The judges were faced with a deluge of quality submissions but after careful consideration, a couple of heated discussions and eventual consensus across the board, the winners can finally be announced:

First place

40000 MANA + LAND + Gold Special Badge
Pirate Fever (Eibriel, Pabloest, Chestnutbuise)

Second place

32000 MANA + LAND + Silver Special Badge
Xmas Town (Kenny)

Third place

26000 MANA + LAND + Bronze Special Badge
Tourniquette (Jules)

Fourth place

20000 MANA (~ $1500 USD value) + LAND + Special Badge
Slashmas Warrior (Tensax)

Fifth place

13000 MANA (~ $1000 USD value) + LAND + Special Badge
Christmas Crumble (Surz)

Sixth to Tenth place

7000 MANA (~ $500 USD value) + Special Badge
6. Pictionary Circus (Ludo)
7. Xmas Lottery (Dapp-craft Team)
8. Ice Jumper (INVZBL Creation)
9. Decentraland XmasJam (bobbyhiom)
10. Santa Bootcamp (gtfrost)

Snagging a brand new prize, the Best First Time Creator Award, and winning a Special Badge + 13000 MANA + LAND for their efforts is Ice Jumper.

Now it’s your turn to vote

The Community Prize is awarded to the Game Jam creation voted favourite by you, the Decentraland community. The winner will take home a Special Badge + 13000 MANA + LAND.

To be eligible for this prize, the creator must deploy the scene in-world and host a launch event for the community. You’ll vote on proposals by signing the scene’s guest book.

Check out the scenes here and cast your votes!