Four days in, four days to go. As you head into a solid weekend of Jamming, it’s worth recapping on all the useful workshops and tutorials at your disposal – should you need a little inspiration or insider knowledge to get you through to September 8.

The basics

First place to start is Nico Earnshaw’s Introduction to the SDK. This is your classic one-stop workshop for getting to grips with Decentraland’s powerful creation tool. And if anyone knows the SDK, it’s Nico. If you find yourself in the weeds at any point over the weekend, take a break and watch this back-to-basics refresher to get your creative brain in order.

Kick it up a notch

Start getting into the details with KJ Walker’s Optimizing 3D Assets for Decentraland. This hugely informative workshop will teach you to build or edit 3D models so that they best fit the requirements of Decentraland and strike a good balance between detail and performance.

Next, check out Tak’s Game Mechanics. Tak teaches you how to build a specific scene featuring a moving platform but there are a number of very useful functional and developmental elements that will definitely up your game jam.

That man again, Nico Earnshaw demystifies UIs for Decentraland scenes with his Building UIs Easily tutorial. Nico shows off the nuts and bolts of the UI Library, created to make developing scenes much more simple.

Playing to win

Bence makes no bones about the fact that his tutorial, Developing a Game for Decentraland has been designed for creators who want to win Game Jam. Expect an invaluable session filled with everything you need to know to be in with a shot at the prize money.

Decentraland veteran, Rob Dixon takes things a step further with his workshop, also focusing on Developing a Game for Decentraland. Rob’s experience goes back to the first DCL Hackathon, so expect an insider’s guide to competitive creativity, featuring all the tricks of the trade.

Integrate to the blockchain

Baus and Nico Earnshaw give you the lowdown on various integrations with Integrating Matic SideChain and Easy Blockchain Integration.

Crafting rich multiplayer experiences

Nico Chamo takes you through everything you need to know about Building an Interactive Multiplayer Pixel Wall, using the Message Bus. You’ll learn how to use a color palette to paint a pixel wall alongside others, creating a cool interactive element for your Game Jam scene.

Finally, James Ashton runs through overall approaches to Using Web Sockets, looking at some of the use cases and also provides an inside look at the set up he uses in the Decentraland district he runs.

Join the discussion

Of course, if you have specific questions or just need someone to bounce ideas or issues off, jump into the Decentraland Discord channel where you’ll find community members ready and willing to chat about and help with all things Game Jam.

Submit your Jam

Check out the competition guidelines and when you feel your creation is ready, submit it using this link: Your scene will be shared with the rest of the community.

Good luck and have a fun and creative weekend!