The global online competition that allows you to create awesome interactive content returns to Decentraland. And this time it’s a series, running every quarter to seriously boost creativity in the Metaverse.

Game Jam runs from September 1-8, with two competition tiers: ‘Pro’ for established Decentraland contributors and ‘Main’ for new and aspiring creators.

There’s a total prize pool of approximately $15,000 USD which breaks down like this:

Game Jam Pro

  • 1st Prize = 25000 MANA (~2,500 USD) + LAND
  • 2nd Prize = 12500 MANA (~1,250 USD) + LAND
  • 3rd Prize = 7500 MANA (~750USD) + LAND
  • 500 MANA (~50 USD) per qualifying scene

Game Jam Main

  • 1st Prize = 20000 MANA (~2,000 USD) + LAND
  • 2nd Prize = 10000 MANA (~1,000 USD) + LAND
  • 3rd Prize = 7500 MANA (~750 USD) + LAND
  • 500 MANA (~50 USD) per qualifying scene

Build whatever your imagination will allow

In the coming weeks the theme of the Game Jam will be announced and then it’s over to you to start building, using the Decentraland SDK. It could be a game, an interactive art installation, virtual shop… wherever your creativity takes you. You can use the Builder as a starting point – importing and positioning 3D models – but to enter your creation to the Game Jam you must export your work into the SDK to develop the code and bring your creation to life.

You can check out an awesome repository of example scenes in the conveniently named, Awesome Repository.

And look no further than this development guide for all you need to know about using the SDK. Upcoming webinars will also be held in the coming weeks to bring you up to speed on making the most of this key Decentraland dev tool.

Stay tuned for more info!

If past Game Jams are any guide, the first in the new series is going to be a BIG ONE. Our Judging Panel is geared up and ready to immerse themselves in your creative concoctions. The final line-up will be announced soon.

In the meantime, you can register for Game Jam using the official sign up form. And keep an eye out for more posts, chock-full of event details, including the theme, FAQs and more.